Warlock CrossFit COVID-19 Update

Hey Warlock Family,
Please read this entire post carefully. Thanks for your continued support. I wanted to take a few minutes and post about where we stand as a team and what is going on moving forward with all this COVID-19 talk. The goal of a lot of these shut downs to minimize the spread of COVID-19, if we do that effectively aka shut down it will be like a snow day where we don’t get snow. No harm, no foul, we played it safe, people will even ask the question why did we shut down for two weeks. That’s the point!

My number one concern and responsibility is always your safety, health, wellness and then fitness, in that order. The staff, Chris and I take great responsibility knowing that we have movers and shakers in the Hudson Valley in our box ranging from doctors, firefighters, law enforcement, nurses, teachers, army reserves that we must keep health, well and fit. Those members of our community are vital to our health care system in order for it to function. We’ve talked with a handful of doctors in the area and they’ve provided valuable insight. I must also keep you guys sane and I know that sanity comes in the form of workout amongst each other on a daily basis. For now, we are Open, that may change over the next 24-72 hours. As a facility and team we are taking every possible measure to keep Warlock Open for you and with that, we need your help.

*We are encouraging anyone in a high risk group (over 60, co-morbid risks, immunity compromised etc) to stay home and participate in our at home workouts. Click Here.

In order to keep Warlock a safe and healthy environment we need your help with the following items. They’re really simple 🙂
1. If you’re sick stay home
2. If you’ve been around someone who is sick stay home
3. Any equipment or space you touch please spray down, let it sit for 5 minutes and then wipe down. That includes every inch of equipment, the floor and the rig within 6-10 feet of you
(we have hospital grade cleaner)

Additional Changes:
1. No iPad to check into classes, please check in on your phone before arriving.
2. Classes will have a hard cap at 12-14 members, coaches included. Athletes will maintain social distance during workouts.
3. Class programming will be reduced to increase time to wrap up, spray down, wipe up and clean up.
4. Class schedule may be modified to give us more time to clean before and after classes. Please keep an eye on MindBody for any changes.
5. Class programming will be altered so there is no sharing of equipment in WODs.
6. We are increasing cleaning frequency before and after classes. Our focus is cleaning every item touched and any risk exposures between classes (door handles, faucets, benches, counters, rowers, bikes, rig etc.)
7. None of you are world class runners or body weight ninja’s. Please be prepared for a lot of running, bodyweight movement, kettlebell work and modified programming. The programming will reflect a classic CrossFit phrase “brutally elegant”. Simple and effective programming. It will definitely be fun, depending on your definition of fun 🙂

We appreciate and ask all members of our Warlock Family for their continued help and support to keep Warlock both safe and open. We are a caring community and I know during the face of adversity you all will continue to rise above, bring others up with you, display kindness and empathy and continue to help lead the rest of this Hudson Valley and local Tri-State area during what could be difficult times.

Thanks for being so amazing,

Erik, Chris and your Warlock Staff

“I love it when people doubt me. It makes me work harder to prove them wrong.”

Sunday Class will be at 10 am at Baird Park in the lower parking lot. No Open gym

Primer: 2 Minute Jog | High Knee’s | Butt Kickers | Figure Fours | Floor Sweeps | Back Pedal | Side Shuffle | Karaoke | Frankensteins | Back Pedal | Little Skips | Big Skips | 2 Minute jog

10 x 200M Hill Run (bottom parking lot to intersection)| 60s Rest between (aka Jog back down, take 15-20s and repeat. )
Run in groups of 3-5 of similar ability athletes.

Cool Down: 8 Minute Jog.

*Scaled: 6-8 Rounds. 200M Walk or Jog. 90s to 2 Minutes rest.

RX: Looking for a perceived effort on these sprints around 80-90%.
Scaled: Perceived effort around 60-70 percent. (more of a consistent effort than a sprint.)