Summer Kids Camp

This summer camp offers a world class mix of learning, fitness and games for kids to stay active and progress towards their goals. Camp is $369 per week, per camper until May 31st for regular registration. June 1st is late registration and the cost is $389 per camper, per week

Summer Camp Registration


Join an instant community in these high intensity, constantly varied, camp groups. Make friends and get fit!


Come to a camp that is lively and exciting.
You'll find yourself looking forward to exercising and learning life lessons from friends and counselors.

Teamwork & Leadership

Camp teaches teamwork. Fitness games teach kids how to lead others through inspiration and encouragement.


We help kids build strength physically and mentally while also developing a love for health and fitness that lasts into adulthood.

Age | Dates | Times

Campers will be placed in a group that is best fitting for their age and athletic growth. Ages range from 5-14 years old. Camp drop off will be at 8:30am and pick up at 4:00pm each week.

Dates: June 26th-30th, July 24th-28th, Aug 21st – 25th