Baird Park Running Workout | Sunday March 15, 2020

“I love it when people doubt me. It makes me work harder to prove them wrong.”

Sunday Class will be at 10 am at Baird Park in the lower parking lot below the golf course. No Open gym

Primer: 2 Minute Jog | High Knee’s | Butt Kickers | Figure Fours | Floor Sweeps | Back Pedal | Side Shuffle | Karaoke | Frankensteins | Back Pedal | Little Skips | Big Skips | 2 Minute jog

10 x 200M Hill Run (bottom parking lot to intersection)| 60s Rest between (aka Jog back down, take 15-20s and repeat. )
Run in groups of 3-5 of similar ability athletes.

Cool Down: 8 Minute Jog.

*Scaled: 6-8 Rounds. 200M Walk or Jog. 90s to 2 Minutes rest.

RX: Looking for a perceived effort on these sprints around 80-90%.
Scaled: Perceived effort around 60-70 percent. (more of a consistent effort than a sprint.)