Tuesday March 17, 2020

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” – Mr. Fred Rogers

Hey Team,
We are closed per state mandate. We are working on a lot of things around the clock including online programming, online classes, an equipment loaning program and much more. If you guys need anything let us know. We’re all taking this day by day and appreciate your continued support. Chris, the staff and I are here for you during these difficult times. On a positive note, Congratulations to Cristy and CJ for finishing the Masters Online Qualifier this past weekend. They put in a ton of work and I’m extremely proud of all they’ve accomplished!

Below are the workouts and a full 4 weeks of Body Weight At Home programming. The workout below is also broken down into a dumbbell workout, body weight, along with scaling options for both. Just keep moving. Our website will be the place with the most up recent updates and everything else will follow after. We’ll also be doing these workouts on IG, chatting with other coaches and continuing to be an industry leader and a resource for health, wellness and fitness for you guys!

We’re going to keep mindbody open so you guys can check in when you workout. You can also posts a video of you training / doing the workout. Make sure you tag @WarlockAthletics @MoveTheNeedle.US and use the #MTNAtHomeFitness #WarlockCrossFitAtHome.
See ya soon online! Have fun and let’s continue to make gains!

4 Weeks of Free Workouts

Mobility: 2 Min in Lizard Pose, 2 Minutes in straddle, 2 Minutes Sumo Squat

Primer: 2x 400M Jog | Butt Kickers | High Knee’s | Figure Fours | Floor Sweets | Frankensteins |

Strength: 5 x 10 DB High Pulls | 10 DB Strict Press
then 5 x 3-5s Goblet Pause Squats

WOD: 3 Rounds for time:
400M Run
22 Front Rack DB Squats @ 50/35
16 DB Power Cleans @ 50/35

Scaling: 90s Jog | 22 Front Rack DB Squats @ Light Weight | 16 DB Power Cleans. Feel free to use a bag of top soil or something like a water jug in each hand

At Home Bodyweight:
3 Rounds:
400M Run
21 Sit Ups
21 Push Ups

Scaled: 90s Jog | 21 Sit Ups | 21 Push Ups from the Knees