Thursday October 15, 2020

We have our new member social this Friday night from 6-9 PM. We’ll have social distanced team workouts, prizes, Ascent will be in the house and we’ll all be able to get to know the new members and the current ones. Everyone is invited and you’re welcome to bring your family / friends. See you on Friday. 

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“When your body has all the answers, you need to change the questions.” 

Primer: 2 Rounds: 10 Pull Ups | 20 Piked Toe Touches | 30s Sit Ups | 40s Samson Stretch | 50s DB High Pulls Each Side 

Body Armor: 
12 Minutes For Quality
40s Front Rack Double KB Static Hold @ 53/35
30s L-Sit or 
20 Ring Rows

Directly Into 

12 Minutes for Quality  
600M Row
20 Single Arm Pause KB Strict Press @ 50/35
90 second Single Arm Overhead Hold @ 50/35

For Bulletproof Shoulders everything stays the same except let’s replace the Single Arm DB Strict Press with a single arm overhead hold (45s on each side)