Thursday March 19, 2020

Congratulations Cristy for finishing 31st in the World in the Masters Online Age Group Qualifier 45-49 Division. Tying for the heaviest clean and Jerk in the world on Event 5 and finishing 10th in the world on Event 6!
Congratulations CJ for Finishing 4th in the World in the Masters Online Age Group Qualifier 50-54 Division and punching his ticket to the 2020 Reebok CrossFit Games. CJ had 2 Top Ten Finishes with no finish outside the top 30. Madison Wisconsin here we come!

Gymnastics Practice: Spend 10 Minutes practicing HS Walks or getting inverted.

Mobility: 2 Minutes in Each (1 Minute on each side)
Saddle | Half Saddle | Frog | Seated Cross Shin

Primer: 3x 5 Inch Worms | 30s Hollow Hold | 30s Arch Hold | 30s Good Mornings

3 Rounds:
30 Hand Release Push Ups (with a backpack on)
30 Bent Over Pause Rows 5 on each side and you can use that same bookbag or heavier, or use your pets)
30 Glute Bridges

WOD with Equipment:
3 Rounds
0-2 Minutes: 30 x10M Shuttle Runs
2-4 Minutes: 30 Weighted Sit Ups
4-6 Minutes: 100 Ft Double DB Front Rack Lunges @ 50/35

Scaling: No Run? 90s of Burpees |Sit Ups use a bag of top soil / fill up a book bag or just do sit ups | Lunges Same thing as sit ups or don’t use weight.

The idea is to work for around 90s and rest for 30. Push those 90s hard.

BodyWeight WOD:
3 Rounds:
0-2 Minutes: 400M Run or 30x10m shuttle runs
2-4 Minutes: 25 V-Ups
4-6 Minutes: 100 Ft HS Walk

*Scaled| 90s of 10M Shuttle Runs | 90s Of Sit Ups | 90s of Bear Crawl (every 5 feet is a rep)