Thursday June 7, 2018

“Prepare for none of it to work.”

A. 3 Rounds
100 Ft Walking Lunges
100 Ft Single Arm Farmers Carry (AHAP)
100 ft Sled Push (AHAP)
100 Ft Sandbag carry

B. Tabata
1. Cal Bike
2. Cal Row

When we asked our buddy Matt “Hey Matt, why do you CrossFit?” He had this to share with us…. “I first did CrossFit for a challenge. I continued CrossFit at Warlock because of the family atmosphere. I will never stop doing CrossFit because it can be applied to all aspects of my life. With work, family, education, life, if you give your best effort everyday results WILL follow. Also my butt looks amazing! Love all the coaches at Warlock … you guys push me to be my best! “- Matt Tamburrino