Thursday January 5, 2017

While you’re working out you tell yourself a story. Some of you say “fuck yeah I have this,” or “this is easy”. While others create an internal feeling of doubt, pity, and feelings of “I can’t do this” or even saying it out loud. Tell yourself a positive story. If what you were saying inside your head was broadcasted over a loud speaker to everyone in the box would you be proud of what you were saying? There’s no pit party in CrossFit or life. When it’s tough for you during a workout, it’s tough for everyone. Change your mindset and you will find your workouts will become much more manageable. Change your mind set for the better and you will improve your fitness and everything else in life.
A. EMOM x 12
Odd: OHS – 2 Pause OHS @ 80% of your Snatch
even :30 Seconds of Ring Muscle Ups
B. 5 Rounds
Min 1: Second Cal Row
Min 2: Second Box Jumps
Min 3: Second Handstand Push Ups
Min 4: Rest
A. 45 Minutes of Mobility Work