Thursday December 29, 2016

Expect Adversity. Expect things to go wrong. When they do, you’ll be prepared. When everyone else is whining and complaining how shitty it is, how they’ve been given a raw deal, you man the fuck up. You get shit done because you’ve been waiting for that opportunity! Take it!
A. EMOM x 7
2 Power Snatches + 1 Pause OHS @ 70% of you 1RM Snatch
B. 15 Minute EMOM
Min 1: :40 Sec KB Snatches
Min 2: :40 Sec of Hollow Rocks
Min 3: :40 Sec of Bar Facing Burpees
Muscle Ups – Pick One – rest as needed in between sets
4×8 Unbroken MU’s
5×7 Unbroken MU’s
6×6 Unbroken MU’s
7×5 Unbroken MU’s
8×4 Unbroken Mu’s
9×3 Unbroken MU’s
10×2 Sets of 2 MU’s
15 Singles