Sunday March 22, 2020

“Head down, eyes forward.”

Daily Reading: Foundations

Primer: 800M Run | Floor Sweeps | High Knees | Butt Kickers | Karaoke | Small Skips | Big Skips | Side Shuffle | Back Pedal | 400M Run

60s Jog
45s recovery pace

Elite: 15 Rounds
Novice: 10 Rounds
Beginner: 5 Rounds

We’re looking for you guys to build off of last week and hold around your PR Mile time for 60s and then use a recovery pace for the next 45s. Recovery can be a walk, or a slower pace. I.e. My mile time is 6 minutes. That means my recovery pace should be around 8-9 minutes. The goal is two fold

1. Show your body that it’s okay to continue to move afterwards. Now, if your PR Mile time is 10 minutes. You may be jogging slowly for 60s and then walking for 45s.

2. Spend time around your lactic threshold for you to PR your mile 3-4 weeks from now.

4 Minutes in each or 2 per side
Dragon | Double Pigeon | Cross Shin | Cross Shin Eagle