Saturday March 21, 2020

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Mobility: 2 Minutes at each
Child’s Pose w/ Shoulders | Puppy Dog | Saddle | Single Leg Forward Fold

WOD with Equipment:
400M Farmers Carry @50/35 – Work 30s | Rest 30s

5 x 7 Tempo DB Deadlifts | 7 Pause DB Bench Press or 13 Pause DB Floor Press
5x 7 Strict Pull Ups | 21 Pause Glute Bridges | 21 Banded Good Mornings

If you don’t have a pull up bar, do door Pull Ups over the top or bent over dumbbell rows. No Band, just do tempo good mornings with no weight

WOD – No Equipment:
4 Rounds:
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Ups
10 Tuck Ups
10s Hollow Hold

After all 4 rounds do 100 Lunges