Sunday Funday January 19, 2020

Announcement: Monday January 20 @ 7PM we will be hosting our Nutrition Challenge Informational Meeting. The meeting is free and the nutrition challenge is free! Hope to see you on Monday Night at 7 pm!

“What are you doing today to make the rest of your week better?”

Power Clean Cycling: (Teams of 3)
AMRAP 20s Max Reps @ 70% x 3
AMRAP 30s Max Reps @ 75% x 3
AMRAP 40s Max Reps @ 80% x 3
1 Partner works for a full 20s then the next, then the next. 10s window after the third partner has gone to change weights.
Score is total reps.

WOD: “Midline Madness” – Teams of 3 –
On The Every 90s
0-1:30 – Max Cal Row
1:30 – 3:00 – Max HS Walk | Wall Walks or Bear Crawls
3:00 – 4:30 – Max V-Ups
Each partner will start at a station and rotate through. Score is total reps. Each 1 Ft of Bear Crawl / HS Walk = a rep. Every Wall Walk = 5 points.