Monday October 5, 2020

“Change only becomes impossible when you don’t take action.” 

A lot of people play smaller than their potential because they’re blinded by the overwhelming nature of a problem. People don’t realize that they themselves can come up with the solution and execute. It will be hard, difficult and you will face challenges. You’re going to make mistakes and fail. Don’t let that stop you from continuing to take action towards unparalleled greatness. Let’s start with this workout.  

Primer: EMOM x 12 
Min 1: 3 – Pause Strict Pull ups or 16 DB Bent Over Rows (8 per side) 
Min 2: Alternating Pistols or Lunges 
Min 3: 3 – Pause Strict Push Ups 
Min 4: Freestanding HS Hold Practice or Inch Worms 

Pull Ups: Pause halfway ups | Pause chin over bar | pause half way down
Push Ups: Pause half way down | Pause at bottom | Pause half way up

WOD: Flintstones – AMRAP 20 
50 Wall Ball @ 20/14 
40 Single Arm Alternating DB Snatches @ 70/50
30 Cal Bike or Row 
20 T2B 

Bulletproof Shoulders: 
50 Jumping Air Squats 
40 Russian KB Swings 
30 Cal Bike 
20 Ab Mat Sit Ups