Monday December 7, 2020

Lesson 6: Don’t Complain

There are times when things don’t go our way. There are situations that seem unfair. There are moments when we feel like we have a right to complain. But complaining causes us to focus on everything but being our best. When you work hard, stay positive and do what the team needs, things always seem to work out. To be a great teammate, don’t complain. Stay positive. You can’t always control the events that happen to you, but you can control how you respond and, so often, this determines the outcome. 

Moving Primer: For Quality 
3 Minutes: Rowing Practice
3 Minutes: Pistol or Lunge Practice 
3 Minutes: Tuck Up Practice 
3 Minutes: Gymnastics Practice (Muscle Up Transitions, Chest to Bar, Pull Ups or modifications) 

90s Bottom Squat Hold | 60s per side Pigeon Pose | 

Strength: 3 Sets: 
Build to a Heavy Triple DB Snatch + 3 DB Overhead Lunges (each side)

WOD – “All That” 
30-20-10 | DB Snatches | DB Overhead Lunges 
50 Cal Row 
10-20-30 | DB Snatches | DB Overhead Lunges 

RX 50|35

*18 Minute Time Cap

Bulletproof Shoulders: 

Strength: Accumulate 2 Minute Dead Hang | 2 Rounds 100M Single Arm DB Overhead Walk + 10 DB High Pulls 

All That
30-20-10 | Russian KB Swings | DB Walking Lunges 
35 Cal Bike 
10-20-30 | Russian KB Swings | DB Walking Lunges 
RX: KB @ 53/35 | DB @ 50/35

DB Snatch: Power Snatch @ 95/65 | Odd object ground to overhead | KB Swings 
DB Lunges: Overhead Squats @ 95/65 | Front Squat | Goblet Squat | 
Row: 35/25 Cal Bike | 35 Cal Ski | 400M Run | 20 Burpee + 100 Double Unders