Monday April 10, 2017


“We are practicing not weightlifting but commitment. Commitment spawns success. Only by redoubling our efforts do we best succeed. Expecting success to motivate our efforts is the loser’s gambit” – Greg Glassman

Congratulations to two of our lifters. Sam who competed down at University Nationals this weekend in Gainsville Florida. Sam and Greg’s had their flight cancelled Thursday night, so they immediately got in the car and drove down for the meet in Florida. After a quick 17 hours in the car they made it down there and Sam was ready to lift. Sam started off by missing her opening lift at 65KG and followed it up by missing another snatch at 67KG. Sam had one more attempt. She made her third and final snatch attempt at 70KG. Sam made all 3 of her clean and jerk attempts at 85,89 and 91 KG for a 161KG total and putting her 5th in her session. That is a meet PR for sam and a Clean and Jerk PR! Congrats Sam!

Nicole competed at Intrepid Strength and Conditioning in Warwick in her first official meet. Nicole went 6/6 on her lifts. Nicole snatched 60KG, Clean and jerked 74KG for 134KG total. She finished on the podium with the second highest sinclair total at the meet! Congrats Nicole!

A. Hang Clean + Push Jerk + Clean + Split Jerk (% of clean and Jerk)
1 Every 90 Seconds
0:00 – 65%
1:30 – 70%
3:00 – 75%
4:30 – 80%
6:00 – 80%+
7:30 – 80%+

B. For Time: (20 minute cap)
Thrusters @ 95/65
*Every time you break 20 Double Unders

*Bonus – 10 x of 30 Seconds Work / 30 Seconds Rest on the assault bike. Score is total calories.

Warlock Weightlifting:
Hang Clean + Push Jerk + Clean + Split Jerk – 1+1+1+1RM
Halting Clean Deadlift (3 sec pause above the knee) – 90% x 1, 95% x 1, 3×1@100%
Back Squat – 60%x5, 75% x 1, 65%x5, 80% x 1, 70%x5, 85% x 1, 70%x5
Weighted Planks – 3 x 30sec