Friday March 6, 2020

“Someone took that same situation you’ve been compiling about and won with it.”

Hey Team! Some of our members are organizing a team for the Spartan race down at Citi field on April 4th. There’s a team created called Warlock Warriors in the afternoon “Open” race. The stadium runs are pretty low key, anyone can do them. There’s a team of first timers who’ll be sticking together, helping each other with obstacles and sharing penalty burpees that you can join. You can also run it as an individual and compete against thousands of other Spartans running that day. Any questions reach out to Dave Stewart or Erik.
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2 Rounds : 30s Spider man and reach | 30s Alternating Box Step Ups | 60s Bike
2 Rounds: 20s Lateral Plate Jumps | 20s DB Goblet Squats | 40s Shuttle Runs

WOD: “4 Wheel Drive” – 5 Rounds
AMRAP 4: 21/15 Cal Bike | 15 Burpee Box Jump Overs | Max 10 M Shuttle Runs

*Score is Shuttle Runs

* 4 Minutes rest btw rounds

Scaled: 15/10 Cal Bike | 9 Burpee Box Jump Overs | Max 10M Shuttle Runs


AMRAP 6: 1 MU + 10 GHDSU | 2 MU + 10 GHDSU | 3 MU + 10 GHDSU continue pattern

7×1 – 5s Pause Front Squat (start at 50% – climb to 65-75%)