If you’re not on a team or a list it’s because no on loves you haha just kidding! It’s probably because there’s a typo! Let me know the details by emailing e@warlockathletics.com.

Points will be awarded for the following:
1 Point: For every team member who completes an Open workout during Friday Night Lights. Must workout in HEAT 1, 2, 3 etc.

3 Points: For the Top 3 Male, Female, RX, Scaled and Masters 55+ who complete the workout during Friday Night Lights. Athletes picked outside of these categories during the draft can earn points for their teams.

5 Points: Performance of the week.

Dark Horse: Winner after 5 weeks of the Open. 1st – 5 pts, 2nd –  3 pts, 3rd – 2 pts, 4th – 1 point. Athletes picked in these categories during the draft can earn points for their teams.

Brute Strength, Gymnastics and Work Horse: We will designate 1 or 2 weeks for each of these categories as the workouts are announced based off of what category they fall into i.e. 18.2 A is workhorse, 18.2B is Brute Strength, 18.3 is gymnastics Ninja etc. The top 4 picked in that category will have the opportunity to earn their team points. 1st – 5 pts, 2nd –  3 pts, 3rd – 2 pts, 4th – 1 point.

Rookie of the Year: Top Male and Female after 5 weeks of the Open. Must be their first year signed up in the Open. Can be people picked outside of this category.

*Points may be awarded for other challenges, face-offs, tasks and awesomeness as we see fit. Good luck to everyone competing. Have fun!

Flex Appeal – Heather, LewAnn, Ryan, Sara, CJ
Team Members: Maximus, Brad, Cristy, Brenn, Nick D, Joe N, Kristin, Allison, Anita, Jojo, Nicole C, Marjorie, Mel, Phil, Steven R, Krysta, Rory, Erica, Michele T, Eric K, Deb Davidson, Joe P. Stiesel, Tim S, Maria, Kerry, Steve C. Zach, Mary, Lex, Dan A, Debbie Devlin, Caroline, Lisa, Carlos, Kelly, Dawn, Denise,

Warlock Wolfpack – Erik, Ashley, Chris, Melissa, Mike, Meaghan,
Team Members: Taft, Terrance, Dr Stephanie, Lindsay, Pitcher, Joe C, Kim, Abbie, Stephanie K, Miriam, Gina, Alex P, Karen, Dave S, Craig, Amy M, Hannah, Katie H, Kyle Rancourt, Drew, Marcus, Karl, Sherry, Marc P, Brendan L, Sabrina, Amy K, Val, Hope, Samn, Patty, Claudia, Lewis, Jim, Raul, Jenay, Bobby, Curt W, Barbara, Tommy C, Sarah V, Maddy, Kevin Smith,