Weekly Overview

Team! Here is the weekly overview along with a few announcements: 

  • Kids Camp: August 22-26. It is for ages 5 + 
  • Summer Social: August 27 at Camp Hillcroft. Sign up At Front Desk
  • Refer a Friend and Earn Prizes (Click Here)

Monthly Focus Workouts: 3

Heavy Lifts: 2

Metcons Over 12 Minutes: 4

Team! This week we continue to build on our skill and capacity around the benchmark WOD Amanda. You will see a benchmark WOD in the middle of the week where you can choose to work on your snatches by doing the workout Isabel or your clean and jerks with the workout Grace. Look to work on the areas where we struggle with most this week. CrossFit is constantly varied making you generally prepared for anything. Training this way will help you move toward your goals both in and out of the gym. You will also continue to build on your pulling, midline and squatting strength throughout the rest of the week. All key components in the WOD Amanda. 

Weight Loss:  Monday is an awesome strength and cardio burner that will work your leg stamina and strength. You have moderately heavy front squats and rowing. The high heart rate from the row and a moderately heavy load on the front squat is a great recipe for weight loss. Tuesday is everyone’s favorite, running and burpees! This aerobic workout will definitely spike the heart rate, focus on continual movement and controlled breathing. One of my favorites this week for weight loss. Wednesday the balls in your court. You have a choice to work on your snatches or clean and jerk with the two benchmark options. Both of the workout options are a moderate weightlifting sprint. Both are great for building strength and speed. In addition to the workout you have an overhead plate carry. Great finisher piece that will get you sweaty and work your midline. Thursday is a high volume workout building on your stamina. The box jumps along with the weighted lunges is a combination that will smoke your legs. The weighted lunges are also a great midline piece, making you work a little harder on your gymnastics for the workout. You also have a post workout finisher of leg raises and side bends, working the midline even more. Awesome full body workout that you won’t want to miss. Friday is your heavy day! You have sumo deadlifts. This will help you build strength in your posterior chain and pulling and will in turn burn fat . You also have a quick burner piece after the workout, with air squats and sumo deadlift high pulls, give it all you got! Saturday is a fun high skill midline workout. You have GHD sit ups and muscle ups. Working on your core will help you in all CrossFit movements including the muscle up. Regardless of where you are as an athlete in your muscle up journey it’s important to move through and perform consistent progressions of this high skill movement. The strength, coordination, and accuracy will carry over to all other movements inside and outside the gym. Sunday rounds out the week with a fun fast paced workout. Relatively low volume in each round which will make you move fast throughout the entire AMRAP. Open the throttle and get a great sweat on Sunday morning. My favorite days for weight loss this week are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Community:  Monday you will see an EMOM of front squats prior to the workout. Great opportunity to partner up and cheer other athletes on in class. Tuesday’s pre workout piece is rope climbs. You will be sharing ropes, giving you an awesome opportunity to get to know other athletes and see where they are in their rope climb journey and learn from each other. The workout for this day includes running, which is always a movement where you can push and encourage others in class. Wednesday, you get to choose if you want to do the benchmark WOD Isabel or Grace. See who else in class is choosing the same benchmark as you and discuss game plans and help motivate each other throughout the workout. Really excited for this one, getting to hit a classic CrossFit workout and cheer on friends, maybe we even see some PRs. Thursday you have a high volume workout, definitely a day to make sure we encourage other athletes at the end of the workout when finishing up the rounds. There is also a midline piece after the workout with leg lifts and KB side bends. You can grab a buddy to share KBs and alternate the two movements with each other. Friday is a heavy day! We all love lifting with friends. You also have a great burner after the lifting piece of air squats and sumo deadlift high pulls. It is a very short time domain, you can use this to challenge each other with some friendly competition. Saturday is another great day for the community. You have GHD sit ups, biking, and muscle ups. You can grab a partner and stagger the workout if you’re sharing equipment. Each week you have bonus work as an option. Try to grab a friend or two and get in for some extra work. My favorite days for community this week are Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Our Summer Social is also coming up at the end of this month, August 27th at Camp HillCroft! More details to come. Hope you can all make it! 

Competitor: Fun week ahead! Monday starts the week off with a focus on front squats. The squats should be unbroken and you should slightly pace the row to manage lower body fatigue. This workout will definitely challenge your leg stamina. Right after the workout you will go into a six minute front squat EMOM to build strength while under fatigue from the workout. Tuesday is an aerobic workout out with running and burpees. Looking for you to come in around the two minute mark on all the runs and get 10+ burpee push-ups each round. Try to match or beat your max burpee push-ups each round. Wednesday is one of my favorites for competitors this week. You have a choice of doing Isabel or Grace. Both awesome options, choose the movement that you need to work on improving. For training purposes try to hold bigger sets and cycle the barbell. If you are looking to beat your previous score, try smaller and faster reps, taking minimal rest inbetween sets. Thursday is a higher volume workout. The focus this day is the weighted lunges, holding those unbroken even at the heavier dumbbell weight. Realize the box jumps and pull-ups will feel different in the workout and that’s okay. The weighted lunges will tax the legs, midline, and grip but keep the focus on the lunges. After the workout is a great midline piece, something we need to build capacity for when we do Amanada later in the month. Friday is your heavy day with seven sets of three sumo deadlifts. This will strengthen your posterior chain and pull. Saturday is another one of my favorites this week. You have GHD sit-ups, biking and muscle ups. Awesome day where you get to work on muscle ups after taxing the core and raising the heart rate. For training you want to hold relatively larger sets so that you can build on your muscle up capacity. Your focus this week is Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Gymnastics Focus: Thursday and Sunday

Weightlifting Focus: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Open Prep: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

As always there’s plenty of bonus work below! 3,2,1 Let’s have a great week.