Weekly Overview

Team! This week you will continue working on your metabolic conditioning. Most of the metcons this week are 10-15 minutes with the exception of your heavy day and the benchmark workout Kelly. Staying with the monthly focus, most of the workouts are high volume this week. You have two AMRAPs and the rest of the workouts are for time. In addition to the heavy day you also have a heavy lift on Monday and Tuesday and some accessory work the other days. After a mix of challenging time domains and high volume metcons you have the classic benchmark workout Kelly on Saturday. It’s a great test of conditioning and leg stamina. Something that you have been working on for the first half of this month. Make sure you are tracking all your scores in SugarWOD so that you can see your progress throughout the month of September with these workouts. 

Monthly Focus Workouts: 5

Heavy Lifts: 3

Metcons Over 12 Minutes: 5

Weight Loss: Monday starts the week with a 12 minute AMRAP of  rope climbs and deadlifts. This will highlight any weight loss and muscle gains you’ve made. You also have a great strength piece of two heavy deadlifts after the workout, building strength while under fatigue. Compare that amount of weight moved to the amount of weight lost. That’s a great ration to continue to build upon. Tuesday is a sprint style workout! Sprinting means burning more fat and building more muscle. The barbell is at a moderate / light weight. You’ll be using the barbell and it will feel like cardio. Both movements will definitely elevate that heart rate which in turn will help burn fat. Wednesday is one of my favorites for weight loss. You have 100 burpee pulls up for time. It’s simple and effective. This is a steady grind, just keep moving consistently through all the reps. You also have some weighted strict pull ups before the workout. This shows you signs of weight loss and muscle gain when you can add weight to your pull ups. This is a great full body day at Warlock. Thursday is a 10 minute AMRAP of GHD sits-ups and biking. Another one of my favorites for weight loss. The GHD is perfect for building core strength and stability, something you need in all other CrossFit movements and for things outside of the gym. The bike will definitely get you sweating and out of breath, making you work a little harder for those GHDs. If you’re looking to keep those summer abs or work on strengthening your core make sure you come in on Thursday. Friday ends the work week with an awesome heavy day. Bringing the intensity down from the high volume metcons during the week, you have five sets of five overhead squats for load. This will help strengthen your legs, shoulders and will work the midline a ton. The point is to go heavy this day, if overhead squatting limits you too much you can perform front squats. You should be moving some heavy weight and getting stronger on Friday. Saturday is when you get to hit the benchmark workout Kelly. This is a longer and higher volume workout. Great workout to test your metabolic conditioning and see how you’ve improved or what you need to work on as we are halfway through the month. Kelly is an awesome workout for weight loss, working your cardiovascular capacity as well as your leg stamina. Sunday rounds out the week with some heavier dumbbell work. This may look easy on paper, don’t be fooled. Keep it moving on this workout the entire time to maximum results. My favorite days for weight loss this week are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Community:  Monday you have rope climbs which means if you are using the big rope you will need to work and communicate with other athletes in class to share the rope. This helps build respect and understanding within your class, having to share the rope. Also the time to push each other to get up and down the rope quickly to make sure everyone gets time on the rope. After the workout you have a heavy lift. You will build a heavy two rep deadlift. Partner up and hit some big numbers on Monday. Tuesday is a fast one. You have two rounds of push press and rowing. This is a sprint, go out hot and hold on. Start up some friendly competition in class and hammer that rower at the end. After the workout you have a heavy lift. You are building to a heavy set of two strict presses. Another opportunity to partner up and push yourself and others to find something heavy for the day. Always more motivation when lifting with friends. Wednesday is a steady grind. You have 100 burpee pull ups for time. This one will definitely help build mental resilience. Make sure you keep moving through this and help motivate other athletes in class to keep chipping away at the reps. You can even decide to keep pace with other athletes to help keep you moving throughout the 100 reps. Thursday is a great midline and cardio workout. You have GHD sit ups and biking. You will need to work together and work with others in class on the GHD for this workout. You will be taking turns on the GHD for this. Great opportunity to chat with other athletes in class about the workout and keep each other motivated and accountable on the hip and back extensions. Friday is your heavy day! You have five sets of five overhead squats. The best community time is during these heavy lifts each week. This is your day to work with others in class and cheer them on as they hit these heavy squats. Saturday is one of my favorites this week for the community. You have the benchmark workout Kelly. Doing benchmark workouts builds community in the gym and with the broader CrossFit community.  You have running, wall balls shots and box jumps. Awesome metabolic conditioning workout to do with others so make sure to get in on Saturday. It’ll be a party! Sunday rounds out the week with a dumbbell workout that looks easy on paper and you’ll be feeling the burn within a  few rounds. Push each other to hold unbroken for all the movements in this workout. If you see a friend put the dumbbells down, get on them to start right back up. When you move well and fast it also helps inspire others in class to keep going. Great workout to end the week. My favorite days for community this week are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Competitor: Some awesome workouts this week! Monday you have an AMRAP of rope climbs and deadlifts, adding two reps to the rope climbs each time until the end of the workout. Start out fast on this one and then take a little more rest between rope climbs later on in the workout. Looking for you to finish the round of eight rope climbs. Think footwork practice for this workout. The goal is pulling and not to mention going unbroken on those light deadlifts. Tuesday’s metcon is fast! Put the pedal to the floor and go out hot on this one. The push press should be done in 2 sets or less and you should be off the rower within three minutes. There is no recovery on the row on this one. Let’s take out the first push press fast and aggressive, push the row but not to the point where it effects the push press for round 2 and then hammer it home the last row. Wednesday is going to test you mentally. It is a slow grind of 100 burpee pull ups. You are going to need to dial in and just keep moving on this, focusing on one rep at a time. If you’re a higher level athlete avoid the jumping pull up and get the full pull up. You should push the tempo, this is a grind that can get really slow if you allow it. A few seconds on each rep adds up. Ideally this should be completed in under 15 minutes. Thursday is all about the GHD. The workout is a couplet of GHD sit ups and biking. Looking for you to get five or more rounds on this. The GHDs should be smooth and steady and the bike should take around a minute to a minute and twenty seconds. Smooth on the ghd and pushing the bike slightly faster. Understand what your RPM’s are so you can understand pacing and how you feel on the bike for this metcon. Coming off the bike your legs will be fatigued which will make the GHDs a little harder when flexing your quads as you sit up. You can mix it up during the GHDs and use less legs on the first few sit ups to give your legs a little time to recover then go back into using your legs again. This workout will be over before you know it so push from the 5-9 minute marker and hold on the last seconds of this WOD. Friday is your heavy day. You have five sets of five overhead squats. The point is to go heavy today so on the last few sets you should try to push the envelope on the weight. Training to failure every now and then is great for building strength and understanding where you need to improve. I also want you to split jerk from the back with this to practice footwork and getting the bar up overhead. Realize that moving the hands in a hair closer may help you with wrist stability as the bar gets heavier and you get fatigued. You should be able to overhead squat substantially more than you squat snatch. Saturday is your focus for this week. You have the benchmark workout Kelly. Great metabolic conditioning workout with a longer time domain and higher volume of reps. You should be completing each round within five-6 minutes. Try to keep large sets on the wall ball shots, move consistently on the box jumps and recover on the run. Focus on a great quality squat for the wall ball and again, slightly bigger sets. Also, remember to land higher on that box jump so you aren’t doing a full squat when standing up at the top of the box. You can catch your breath during transition time in this workout and make sure to get moving right away each round. 

Your focus this week is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Gymnastics Focus: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Weightlifting Focus: Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Open Prep: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday

As always there’s plenty of bonus work below! 3,2,1 Let’s have a great week.