Wednesday September 21, 2022

“Many things are improbable, only a few are impossible.” – Elon Musk

Warm Up: 
3 sets:
:30 jumping jacks
:30 Alternating spiderman pose
:30 hollow rocks
:30 air squats
– rest :10 between movements

Skill Work: 
5 sets for load:
3 weighted strict pull-ups

For time:
100 burpee pull-ups
– Pull-up bar is 12 in/ 30 cm above reach.

Time Cap: 15 Minutes

Same as Rx

For time:
100 jumping pull-ups
– Pull-up bar is 6 in/ 15 cm above the top of the head.

For time:
100 burpees-to-target (12″)

Movement scaling options: 
Burpee pull-up: Height, jumping pull-up.

Limited rig space option:
With a partner for time:
200 burpee pull-ups
-Partners can alternate whenever they choose but reps must be split evenly.
– One partner works at a time.

Cool down: 
2:00 seated straddle stretch
– Hold :40 on the left leg, right leg, and in the center.