Weekly Overview

Team! Here is the weekly overview along with a few announcements: 

  • Kids Camp: August 22-26. It is for ages 5 + 
  • Summer Social: August 27 at Camp Hillcroft. 2-6 PM. $40 Per Adult, $25 for Kids 13 and Under. Kids under 5 tag along for free! Sign up At Front Desk RSVP due by the 24th
  • Refer a Friend and Earn Prizes (Click Here)

Monthly Focus Workouts: 3

Heavy Lifts: 3

Metcons Over 12 Minutes: 5

Team! You have another awesome week of training ahead of you that will help prepare you for the workout Amanda, which you will see next week. You have some squatting, snatching, pulling, and pushing. Some of the workouts will be at a higher intensity, which will translate over to the intensity you will need to bring to the workout Amanda. There is also some great bonus work this week that compliments the training really well and will help you get that extra edge. 

Weight Loss: Monday kicks off the week with a barbell cycling, a short sprint as well as a lifting piece after the workout. The intensity of this workout will get your heart rate elevated. This is barbell cardio, the best cardio there is 🙂 After the workout you also have a lift that is every 30 seconds for 10 rounds. I love the combination of these two because it’s great for fitness and weight loss. Tuesday is your heavy day. You have 5 sets of 5 back squats. Building muscle is extremely important in weight loss and the ability to burn fat. I also like to look at my ability to move weight in relationship to my bodyweight. Can you back squat your bodyweight? Can you squat 1.5x your bodyweight? All metrics of improvement and can be related back to the scale for progress. Wednesday you get to work on your midline capacity and snatching. The snatch activates a large array of muscles and takes a lot of coordination and balance. You will be using your arms, midline, and legs. There is rest built into this workout so make sure the five minute AMRAPs are a full effort. Thursday is one of my favorite days for weight loss. You have running and strict ring dips. Remember to record your scores and how the workout felt. Building your ring dip capacity will show an increase in muscle and decrease in weight. Friday is a great midline and bicep pumped. If you want to look good for that summer social this is a definite for this week. Jump rope being midline and dumbbell cleans being a glorified bicep curl. Saturday you have a push press paired with pull ups. You have L pull ups or strict pull ups. Make sure to also keep track of how the pull ups feel. Improvement in your strict work is a great sign of weight loss and an improvement in strength. We hope to see you Saturday afternoon at our Summer Social! It’s always one of the best events of the year! Sunday is another one of my favorites for this week. For the workout you have a weighted run and wall ball shots. This workout is a sweaty grind. Keep your head in it and finish the week out strong. The post workout is a nice midline cap off, that will really work those abs, especially after all of those wall ball shots. My favorite days for weight loss this week are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Community:  Monday starts the week off with a sprint workout, where you will cycle your barbell and row hard to finish this workout. After the workout you have a touch and go power clean lift. This is your time to cheer on other athletes and throw down with friends. Totally cool if you want to partner up here to make it more fun or help each other change weights. Tuesday is your heavy day this week. You can grab a friend or two and lift together for the back squats. This speed out of the bottom for these 5×5. You also have an accessory piece after the workout with good morning and some GHD work. Here you can share equipment with a partner to get this done. Thursday is a great workout where you can potentially partner up for the entire class. You can first partner up and share rings for the pre workout muscle up skill work. Then later on for the workout you can keep the same partner. One partner will go out on their run while the other gets a max set of ring dips in that time. After your partner comes back from the run you switch movements. Do this for 5 rounds and share a set of rings. Friday is one of the favorites for community this week. They say the devil is in the details, well, the post workout skill work is 50 devil presses for time with a partner. Find a friend in class who is using the same weight as you and switch on and off with the devil presses to get this piece done. Saturday has a post workout piece where you will build up to a 2 rep push press from the floor. Share bars for this one and encourage your partner and others in class! Sunday’s workout is a grind. You have a weighted run and wall ball shots. You can look to run together and help encourage others in class to push through this workout. My favorite days for community this week are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Our Summer Social is just around the corner, August 27th at Camp HillCroft! There is a sign up sheet at the front desk. Please RSVP by August 24th. Hope to see you there! Friends and family are always welcome.

Competitor: This is an awesome week of training that will definitely prepare you for Amanada next week. Monday is a barbell and row sprint. Hang on to the barbell and push for unbroken. It’s going to be uncomfortable, that’s okay. The post workout power clean lift is also going to help build capacity and strength under fatigue. Do not “save” yourself for the post workout piece. Send it on the workout and use what’s left for the power clean lift. Tuesday is heavy back squats. Find something heavy, sets should be around 80%-90%. Let’s move some weight and move with speed! Wednesday is one of my favorites, especially since we haven’t seen this in the minute. You have three separate five minute AMRAPs of toe- to-bar and power snatches. The weight on the snatches increase and the reps decrease each set so you should be getting more rounds each AMRAP. This will fatigue the grip and midline very quickly so break it up from the beginning. Realize it does require some pacing since you only get two minutes of rest. Thursday is another great training day, especially if you struggle with strict HSPU, Thrusters, the dip out of the muscle up. You get to spend more time on the rings, which is always a win for athlete’s looking to improve. There is no comparison to the bar to the rings, the rings are superior. You have a pre workout EMOM of muscles ups, focus on technique and quality of movement. Pick one goal to work on for your muscle ups during this time. For the actual workout of the day you have strict ring dips paired with running. The dips should be done in 2-5 sets. This workout is more about building your capacity and skill rather than trying to move as fast as possible so think quality. Friday is a great open prep workout, the double under are a little low for open work but, the combination of the two will smoke your grip and every year we see a grip type workout in the Open. Hang on to big sets on the double under and power through the DB Power Cleans in strategy sets, slightly bigger than you want to. Depending on how you’re feeling at the end of the week try to treat this like you would an open workout. Saturday you have a push press at a moderate weight and L-pull ups. You can break up the L-pull ups and the presses should be unbroken. Awesome push and pull workout with low volume reps each round making it a very quick back and forth. Your focus this week is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Gymnastics Focus: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

Weightlifting Focus: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday

Open Prep: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

As always there’s plenty of bonus work below! 3,2,1 Let’s have a great week.