Wednesday July 26, 2017

“What will inevitably doom a physical training program and dilute a coach’s efficacy is a lack of commitment to fundamentals.”

Today’s pull up seminar will last around 60-90 minutes. If you can not make it or can not attend the full seminar please let me know or cancel in Mindbody so that spot can be filled by someone who can attend the entire seminar.

A. 5 x 3 Front Squat, Climbing

B. For Time
700m Run
3 Rounds of Cindy
50 Wall Ball
3 Rounds of Cindy
700m Run

5 x 8 DB High Pulls
5 x 8 DB Press
5 x 20 Back Extension

Warlock Weightlifting:
1. Power Jerk + Jerk (5 sec hold overhead on last rep) – 70% x 2+1, 75% x 2+1 x 5
2. Push Press Bnk – 70%x6x3
3. Walking Lunge – 3 x 12/leg
A1. Crunches – 3 x max
A2. 2-Arm DB OH Carry – 3x50m