Warlock Intramural Open Teams

If you’re not on a team or a list it’s because no on loves you haha jk. It’s probably because there’s a typo! Let me know the details by emailing e@warlockathletics.com

Points will be awarded for the following:
1 Point: For every team member who completes an Open workout during Friday Night Lights.

3 Points: For the top 3 Male and Female, RX and Scaled Athletes who complete the workout during Friday Night Lights.

5 Points: Performance of the week

10 Points: Team with the most spirit each week.

*Points may be awarded for other challenges, face-offs, tasks and awesomeness as we see fit.

Mother Thrusters
Captains: Sara, CJ, Melissa
Athletes: Joe N. Jr, Maddie, Kathy, Jim, Patty, Sondra, Joe N, Sherry, Christa, Kevin C, Keith C, Michelle R, Steph K, Lindsay K, Michael C, Robson, Russ T., Fiona, Jamie F, Andrew Perzel III, Marcus, Keith K, Connor C. Meredith, Miriam

Just The Kip
Captains: Erik, Greg, Tim
Athletes: Bridget, Caroline, Allison, Samn, Charlie, Vienna, Randi, Amy M, Drew Perzel, Eric K, Val, Daddy Warlock, Lewis, Ana, Stephanie M, Karen, Cory, Kelly T. , Carlos, Dan A., Sally, Deb D., Marjorie, Fran

Booty and the Beasts
Captains: Mario, Heather, Mike
Athletes: Jose, Alissa, Matt C, Billy F, Dave Strathausen, Eric, Tim S, Z, Stevie B, Sammy, Zach, Lew, Max, Krysta, Taft, Mel, Michele T, Bri, Joe P, Jonny, Darrell, Steven R. Garrett, Steven R.

One Snatch and Two jerks
Captains: Ashley, Quinby, Ryan
Athletes: Billy P, Josh, Kim, Jon Su, Kyle R, Maria, Brenden, Brad S, Mariana, Abbie, Jill, Cristy, Sonny, Nick B., Anita, Tommy C, Sue, Dawn, Vicky, Matt T, Brendan, Lisa K, Marina, Gary L.