Tuesday September 17, 2019

I think it’s always important to recognize our members when they do something exceptional or are recognized outside of Warlock CrossFit. Congratulations to Marc Provost and thank you for being an Arlington Anchor.

Marc is an excellent guidance counselor at Arlington High school and is thefounder and driving force behind the Gift of Hope program. The Gift of Hope has provided 10s of thousands of dollars over the years to graduating seniors for college who have lost a parent. Matt Reilly had the following to say about Marc:

“Marc leads the Gift of Hope fundraiser and has showed tremendous dedication to keeping it going and making a lasting impact for many students. Specifically, I have seen Marc go above and beyond for his students. Quite a few years back Marc got a 9th grade student that was really struggling with attendance, school anxiety, depression, etc. Marc went out of his way to identify teachers that this student connected with to try and help this student make it through high school. Having kept in touch with this student (Marc as well), the student said to me that without the help of Mr. Provost he would not have made it out of high school.”

“Mr. Provost goes above and beyond his role as a guidance counselor in our high school. Last year, he drove to Poughkeepsie to pick up a student and his family from an under privileged home and brought them to the high school so the student could perform in the orchestra concert. This year, the student became a part of my Mixed Chorus and due to the circumstances in the household, was unable to find transportation the evening of the concert. Mr. Provost gave the student money so he could buy dinner after school and provided a black tie for the young man’s concert attire. Since Mr. Provost was attending to his own daughter’s dance class that evening, he was unable to see the student in the concert, but drove back over to AHS at 8:15 that evening to pick up the young man and drive him home to Poughkeepsie. In my entire teaching career I have never witnessed a staff member go so far above and beyond the “call of duty” to ensure that a student have the equity in experiences as others around him. Marc does this with great compassion and care and is also a father like figure who is not afraid to have important and necessary conversations with his students about self-responsibility and effort.” – Jolie Dunham

Marc is a staff member who believes that all people have inherent value and goes out of his way to let a student know that this is, indeed, fact. He has and expresses high expectations for the students he shepherds with total compassion and empathy and reminds them that through commitment, they can achieve anything they desire.”

“Getting angry, getting emotional, losing restraint is a recipe for failure in the ring.” – Bas Rutten

WOD: Fuller Circle
800M Run
125 Double Unders
2K Row
125 Double Unders
800M Run

Performance: RX
Fitness: 800m Run | 250 Single Unders | 2K Row | 250 Single Unders | 800M Run
Fit Light: 400M Run | 125 Single Unders | 1000M Row | 125 Single Unders | 400M Run

No Run? 50 Burpees

*25 minute time cap

Gymnastics: AMRAP 5
15/10 Strict HSPU
30 DB Snatches @ 50/35

Remaining Time Max Strict HSPU

Performance: 10/6 Strict HSPU | 30 DB Snatches @50/35 | Remaining Time Max Strict HSPU
Fitness: 10/6 Strict Elevated HSPU | 30 DB Snatches @ 35/20 | Remaining Time Max Strict HSPU
Fit Light: 5 Wall Walks | 30 DB Snatches @ 35/20 | Remaining Time Wall Walks

3 Rounds: 5 Sandbag Cleans | 50 Ft HS Walk | 100 Ft Sandbag Shoulder Carry
Bench Press: 3 RM then 2xME@ 90% then ME@80% of 3RM
Seated DB Strict Press 5×5
Pause Pendlay Row: 3×10, 1×5