Thursday October 22, 2020

“Do what works for you, not what you like to do”  – Louie

Primer: 2 Rounds: 10 Pull Ups | 20 Piked Toe Touches | 30s Sit Ups | 40s Samson Stretch | 50s DB High Pulls Each Side 

Body Armor: 
12 Minutes For Quality
40s Front Rack Double KB Static Hold @ 53/35
30s L-Sit or 
20 Ring Rows

3 Minute Rest

12 Minutes for Quality  
600M Row
20 Single Arm Pause KB Strict Press @ 50/35
90 second Single Arm Overhead Hold @ 50/35

For Bulletproof Shoulders everything stays the same except let’s replace the Single Arm DB Strict Press with a single arm overhead hold (45s on each side)