Sunday February 26, 2017

Warlock Ladies

If you are an Open Athlete who is in need of a make up or redo it will be from 12-1. My plan is to run 2 heats. 12:15, 12:40. This will give you time to warm up during open gym, get moving and get you an awesome score. Do not interrupt or interfere with the 10 or 11 am class in anyway.

Open Athletes – Today should be your rest day. If you need to move because your back, hamstrings are still tight see us for mobility work. If you want to move a little because thats what you normally do it’s during open gym. Ask coach he or she will tell you what you’re doing.

Non Open Athletes:

A. EMOM x 10
odd: 3 Front Squats
even: 6 Back Squats

3 Rounds –
0-2 Minutes – 25 Calorie Row / Bike

2-4 Minutes – 40 Sit Ups

4-6 Minutes – 100 Double Unders