Saturday February 25, 2017


Great job on 17.1 to every single Warlock! What I’m most proud about isn’t the result, it’s the effort, it’s the camaraderie, it’s the community. To everyone from our sponsors, coaches, judges, everyone who helped clean up, this is a community event and it wouldn’t work or be special without each and every one of you. Great start to the 2017 Open season! See you guys in the AM.

*Please take note that yoga tomorrow is designed by Melissa to help you recover from today’s workout. Your body will thank you if you can make tomorrow’s class at 10 am before or after the WOD.

A. EMOM x 8
1 Pause OHS, 1 OHS

B. 3 RFT
30 Wallball @ 20/14
30 T2B
400m Run

Warlock Weightlifting:

Technique Primer: Tall Snatch – 3×3
Snatch – 70%x1, 75%x1, 80%x1, 3×1@85%
Technique Primer: Tall Jerk + Push Jerk Bnk in Split – 3 x (3+3)
Clean & Jerk – 70% x (1+1), 75% x (1+1), 80% x (1+1), 85% x (1+1) x 3
Front Squat – HS
-Weighted Back Extension – 2×10
-Ab Work of Choice – 3 sets