Open Schedule and Announcements

Hey Guys! We have been diligently working on The Open for you all since November arranging sponsors, prizes, scheduling, photographers etc to make this as epic as possible during these five weeks in our new space. For those of you competing for the first time, take a deep breathe, relax, and realize this is just another workout. Our seasoned veterans please help calm down the rookies and share with them some of the magic that happens during the Open; From people push themselves to new limits, PR’s, first time muscle ups etc. The open is where the loudest cheers happen for the athletes finishing last, just like class and where our community truly comes together. This is a community event that we want to be fun for everyone involved.

We kindly ask that you make your best effort to attend on Friday Night Lights when all the coaches are around. Treat every workout like a 1 and done type scenario and make sure you leave everything on the floor. Weeks will follow this format for The Open.

Friday – Friday Night Lights (Competition) 5-10 pm

Saturday – Recovery / Training depending on the workout

Sunday –  Skill work or rest day (every Sunday from here out will have a skill focus) We will have a limited number of spots for retests on Sunday.

Monday – Training day. (Possibly a retest for some members)

Tuesday – Training Day

Wednesday – Rest / Recovery Day

Thursday – Light movement day

Friday – Friday Night Lights (Competition)

Retesting – This has been a sensitive and timely topic. This is something that I have struggled with, something that the staff has discussed and something that has been brought to my attention by two members (thank you to those two members). My first concern is, what is the absolute best solution for Warlock members when it comes to retesting? Do most people need to retest workouts? My original thought was get members to put their best foot forward on Friday Nights. I realize that may not always happen. I want you to view Friday Night Lights as the one and only time you get to do this workout. Coaches are there, it’s a packed house, you’ve listened to the coaches for strategy, you’ve run through a practice round, you know your pacing and it’s the ideal scenario for you to put up your best score.  If you feel you did your absolute best and it was your best effort then a retest shouldn’t be necessary, because it’s exactly that, your best effort. No matter how much leaderboarding you do, it will not change the fact that x amount of reps is your best score. If you’re concerned about the retest before you’ve even done the workout, have you fully committed to putting your best effort forward the first time around on these workouts? You owe it to yourself to give your best effort. If you do that and you’re not satisfied, then come and talk to me about redo’s.  We’ll work something out. We will have a set time with limited spots on Sundays for athletes wishing to redo workouts. Coaches will be available to judge free of charge.

This is where I started to run into issues with redos- Here’s a scenario: We have a coach scheduled to run the 6 pm class, possibly two coaches. 12 people in a class. We have 8-14 people that all come in at 6 pm on a Monday wanting to redo the open and scores are due by 8 pm. It’s a 20 minute workout and there is class going on. Do you start to see where we run into some issues?

My thought behind the fee is not to charge extra money, but to make you responsible for putting your best foot forward on Friday nights. To have you completely buy into Best Effort. If you know there is a fee associated with a redo you might do everything in your power to have a kick-ass Friday night and hopefully a one and done scenario.  If not, then you are responsible for getting everything together on the back end, including scheduling and paying for the coaches time for your redo on Monday. I think it’s only fair. Some people ask, why does it have to be a coach? It needs to be someone that I know will uphold the standards of CrossFit and The Open.  It is difficult to tell a person “no rep.” It is more difficult than you would think to make sure the person has the correct weight on the bar, and that they’re doing the correct version of the workout, all while that person is operating at their top speed. If you haven’t done it before, judging is a skill, and like anything, takes practice. It’s not fair to everyone in the box, and in the Open, for standards to be subpar or for your buddy to judge you and unknowingly miss 5 reps that should be no reps, because he doesn’t know the standards or they aren’t enforced. Ultimately, I am responsible to validate your scores and I take that seriously. Reverse the role, how would you feel if someone you had been neck and neck with beat you not because they’re better, but because the judge didn’t enforce the standard? They didn’t say those two words, “no rep.” Our goal is to make it fair. We will do our absolute best to accommodate you for a retest if you request. My request is that you put your best effort forward every Friday.

Open Schedule

February 23 @ 8 pm – Watch the announcement of the first 2017 Open workout live @ Warlock – Sponsored by Fuel For Life

Friday Night Lights will run from 5-10 pm. Athletes participating will be assigned into heats on the night before or morning the event which will be posted our website. We will be going over standards and strategy from 5:00 – 5:15 and kicking off the first heat at 5:20.

February 24 – 17.1 – Sponsored By Orthopedic Associated – Hospitality provided by Cafe Deliicious

March 3 – 17.2 – Sponsored By Kingsview Asset Management – Hospitality provided by Ryan Arket @ Berkshire Hathaway

March 10 – 17.3 – Sponsored By Major Abstract Corporation – Hospitality provided by Safeguard

March 17 – 17.4 Sponsored By Moriarty Physical Therapy – Hospitality and recovery provided by Progenex

March 24 – 17.5 Sponsored by CMJ Tree Service – Hospitality provided by Jeanie Bean and Family Deli

Huge thank you to all of our sponsors. These sponsors above and below are your fellow members. Please take a few minutes to look into and support your community. These sponsors are what allow us to make this event possible from photographers to prizes to everything in between. So thank you to everyone above and below, we’re very excited to have everyone on board!

Additional Sponsors:

MetroFitness Wave
Prime Lending – Steve Betterton
RnF Repair
Black Cherry Tattoo
Schwartz & Patten Dentistry
LaGrange Veterinary Hospital