Monday February 19, 2018

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Affiliate: Warlock CrossFit
Team: Warlock Athletics 2018

Open Athletes: This is how I would recommend approaching this week:
Monday: Training
Tuesday: Training
Wednesday: ROM WOD / Rest
Thursday: Light Movement
Friday: Open Workout 18.1

Thursday night we will watch the announcement of 18.1 live at Warlock starting at 8 pm. Sponsored by our friends at Moriarty Physical Therapy. If you want to come food will be provided. Bring a chair, protein shake, beverage and hang out while we watch the broadcast live.

Immediately following the broadcast, two of our Team Captains and coaches, Ryan and Mario will go head to head in 18.1.

Friday by 1 Pm I will post your heat and time you will be completing 18.1 for Friday Night Lights. If you need special arrangements i.e. you can’t make it to Friday Night lights till a later time. You must email me on Wednesday by 8 pm.

Friday Night we will do an athlete briefing to discuss standards and answer questions at 5 pm sharp. If you are missing the athlete briefing, it’s okay, it is however 100% your responsibility to review the standards, know and understand them for your workout. The first heat will go off at 5:30 pm.

A. 10 Min EMOM
odd: 3 Clean and Jerks (Across)
even: 5 Muscle Ups

60 Double Unders
30 Wallball
15 Cleans

Warlock RX @ 165/115
Warlock Performance @ 135/95
Warlock Fitness – 60 Single Unders| @20/14 t 9 ft | @115/75
Warlock Fitness Light – 60 Single Unders | @20/14 t 9 ft | @ 95/65

*Bonus* 5×20 Cal Bike : 90 Second Rest

Warlock Weightlifting:
A. Push Jerk – 2RM, 90%x2, 90%x2
B. Pause Back Squat with 3 sec eccentric – 5RM, 90%x5, 90%xMax Reps
C. Weighted Step-up (below knee height; reps/leg) – 3×8
D. Broad Jump – 4×3
A1. Alternating KB Press – 3 x 10
A2. GHD Sit-up – 3 x 10