Friday October 18, 2019

Premier Sponsor: Major Abstract Corp (Eric Gillman)

Hospitality Sponsor: Skydive the Ranch (Brenn Richards)

“Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed or in darkness, you’re transforming. Trust the process.”

WOD 1: 20.2 (Click Here to View)

Open On Saturday:  Open Prep Workout:

4 Min Row or Bike + Mobility work

EMOM x 12:
Min 1: 45s Cal Row
Min 2: 10 Bar Facing Burpees
Min 3: 10 Box Jumps @ 24/20

4 Min Row or Bike + Mobility Work

Barbells and Brunch kicks off Saturday 10/19 at 8 am. The first heat goes at 8:30 am. Here’s how the programming and fitness will go this weekend:

Friday – 20.2 Open workout in class or Open Prep Workout (normal class schedule, no Friday Night Lights)
Saturday – 8 am – Noon – Barbells and Brunch

*All athletes are response for knowing their workouts, modifications, weights and movement standards according to for that specific workout. If movement standards, weights etc are not met your score will be invalid and we will get to redo the workout to meet the appropriate standards. Any questions please ask Erik or Heather. If you are interested in upholding the standards of the Open and judging please email

Monday classes will also have an alternative workout if you do not wish to redo an Open workout. Any questions feel free to ask! We’re excited about an awesome 20.2! Community. Fun. Fitness!