#477 Monday 2.15.2016

*UPDATE: No yoga due to weather today!

The Open is in 10 days and we are going to continue to hit what I see as our weakest points more often than not. I am guessing that we will not see C2B until at least week two and muscle ups until week 3 (all guesstimation). That gives us 17 days and 24 days to continue to improve those movements. We will also be focusing on barbell cycling for cleans, along with improving your overhead squat and snatch (huge weak point for most of you).


A. 12 Minute EMOM

odd: 3 OHS (from the ground)

even: 5 Muscle Ups


B. 3×3 Minute AMRAP – 3 minutes rest in between rounds

7 Clean and Jerks (Unbroken) @ 135/95

21 Wallball @ 20/14


C. 3 Minute AMRAP V-Ups