#400 Monday 11.30.2015

For those of you counting the open is less than 90 days away. Start making a mental check list of what movements you have and which ones you must improve before the open. You’re only as strong as your weakness movement. Is it strength, pull ups, burpees, double unders, t2b, overhead squats etc? If you want to achieve / improve these movements you must consistently put in the time and work to improve them. They won’t just appear.

A. 3 Minute Plank

B. 20 Minute EMOM

odd: 12 Burpees

even: 40 Double Unders

C. 3 x :60 sec Clean and Jerk @ 135 / 95

1:1 Rest


20 Minute EMOM – 5 C2B (unbroken)