#318 Tuesday 9.8.2015

Tuesday September 8, 2015 We will have Metro Wave Fitness Testing Hydrostatic Body Fat along with your Resting Metabolic Rate. Body Fat testing cost $65 for one test or $120 to be tested September 8th and again on November 3 (Pre and post challenge). That gives you a solid 8 weeks to work your ass off and see how your body composition changes with real measurable data, not just a scale. We highly encourage members to sign up for the pre (September 8) and post challenge (November 3rd) testing. Bring a bathing suit and a towel. People who are participating in the Resting Metabolic Rate Test the cost is $90. No food 3 hours before or exercise 12 hours before your test. You can sign up for a slot at desk at the gym. Metro Wave Fitness will be with us from 6 am till 8 pm on Tuesday so if this is a priority for you we can get you a testing slot! See you on Tuesday

A. 1 Power Clean Every 30 seconds for 10 Minutes (Keep it around 70%)

B. 15 Minute EMOM

1. 10 Ring Dips

2. 12 Boxjumps Up and Over

3. 15 Cal Row