Dear Friends,

Over the last several months, we’ve been proud to introduce changes and improvements that will mean a better experience for everyone. These changes have ranged from coach education, to facility improvements, to additional resources like strategy and goal review sessions for every member of our community up to four times per year.

In order to help provide you the world class service you deserve our new rate structure is below:

Effective January 1, 2023, we will be introducing new rates for anyone that currently has grandfathered rates. Upon your renewal, twelve-month, six-month and month to month membership rates will be changed to $190 per month for unlimited and $170 per month for 3x per week. Non-Grandfathered members rates will not change. The only discount available will be 10% for military and first responders. Twelve-month members will continue to be able to freeze their membership twice for up to four weeks each time and six-month members will continue to be able to freeze their membership once per six months  for up to four weeks.

If you believe this places a surprise burden on your budget, please talk to Erik or Chris. You can email us directly at E@WarlockAthletics.com or Chris@WarlockAthletics.com, or you can set up a strategy session.

Our goal is to continue to provide you with a world class experience; so you can reach your goals faster. We are thankful for your continued support and the opportunity to help you improve every single day.

Erik, Chris and the Warlock Staff