Thursday February 24, 2022

“The quality of your life is a direct correlation to your muscle health.” -Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

We can’t wait to kick off the 2022 Crossfit Open TOMORROW at 5pm!
22.1 will be announced at 3pm today. Let’s go Warlock!
Another huge thank you goes out to our Banner Sponsors!

Warm Up: 
6 sets
:20 air squats
:10 bottom of squat hold

Specific Warm-Up:
4 sets:
3-5 back squats
Rest :30-1:00 between sets.

5 sets for load:
3 back squats

Rest at least 2-3 minutes between sets

Same as Rx

Same as Rx

Movement scaling options: 
Back Squats: Load, box squats, DB options, lunge options

Alternate Workout: 
For max reps:
EMOM 10:
Even: :30 DB front squats
Odd: :30 hollow rocks

Post-Workout Skill Work:
2:00 in a handstand
Stomach facing the wall.