22.1 CROSSFIT OPEN | Friday February 25, 2022

“Struggling isn’t an option. If you want to get better, it’s necessary.” -Katrin Davidsdottir

22.1 WOD RX:
3 wall walks
12 alternating DB snatches (35/50 lb)
15 box jump-overs (20/24 in)

3 scaled wall walks
12 alternating DB snatches (20/35 lb)
15 box jump-overs (20/24 in)

3 inchworms in place
12 alternating DB snatches (10/15 lb)
15 box step-overs (12/20 in)

Alternate Movements:
Wall Walks: Distance to the wall, inchworms in place
DB Snatches: Load, hang DB snatches, DB power cleans
Box jump-overs: Height, box step-overs, reverse lunges

FNL Kicks off at 5 PM-9PM. Please visit Games.CrossFit.com for a full breakdown and explanation of the workout along with movement standards. You are responsible for knowing and understanding all movement standards. We will brief athletes on the standards at 5 pm for the Open please be there for the explanation or know the standards. We will assign you a heat time and judge for the Open. 

If you are interested and available to judge please email e@warlockathletics.com it’s greatly appreciated and helps our night run smoothly. 

Athletes will be assigned heats that will be posted by 3 pm on Friday on Warlock Athletics.com based on the workout with rig space, judges, equipment and much more. You are responsible for knowing your heat time. If you are not attending please let Erik know by emailing him at e@warlockathletics.com 

If you need special accommodations above and beyond please let Erik know from Thursday at Noon till Friday at Noon. Do not send your request in before Thursday at noon. Please and Thank you.