Sunday November 20, 2022

“We don’t want to tell our dreams, we want to show them.” -Cristiano Ronaldo 

Warm Up: 
2 rounds:
:30 cardio
:30 straight leg sit-ups

Med Ball Toss Warm-Up:
1 round:
:30 granny toss
:30 bounce pass
:30 chest pass
:30 side toss, right
:30 side toss, left
:30 roll pass
:30 overhead throw
:30 squat + throw

Specific Warm-Up: 
5 sets:
:20 run, row, bike, or ski
:10 rest
:20 run, row, bike, or ski
:20 rest

For time:
5k run or row or 10k bike

Intended Stimulus: 20-25 Minutes

Same as Rx

For distance:
On a 20:00 clock:
Run or row or bike

For time:
5k run

Movement scaling options:
Run, Row, or Bike: Reduce distance, partner max distance in 22:00

Partner option:
On a 22:00 clock with a partner:
Max distance run, row, or bike

Cool down: 
1:00 lacrosse ball foot roll/foot