Saturday January 8, 2022

“In hopes of reaching the moon, we fail to see the flowers that blossom at our feet.” – Albert Schweitzer 

Warm Up: 
On a 5:00 clock:
5 leg swings/side
10 shoulder taps in the plank position
5 toe touch + jump
5 handstand kick-ups or kick-up attempts
5 sit-ups

Skill Work: 
8 Minutes
L-Sit Progressions

For reps:
Tabata box jump (20/16 in)
Tabata L-sit
Tabata handstand hold
Tabata sit-up
Tabata lunge

Same as Rx

For reps:
Tabata box step-up (20/16 in)
Tabata seated leg raise
Tabata plank hold
Tabata sit-up
Tabata lunge

Movement scaling options: 
Box Jumps: reduce box height, box step-ups
L-Sit: seated L-sit, seated knee tuck
Handstand Hold: pike hold, push-up plank hold
Sit-Up: reduce range of motion, hanging knee raises, seated knee raises
Lunge: reduce range of motion

Alternate Workout: 
For reps with a partner:
3:00 box jumps
3:00 L-sit hold
3:00 handstand hold
3:00 synchronized sit-ups
3:00 synchronized lunges
Partners alternate work and rest as needed.

Optional Skill Work:
5 Sets:
:30 max chest-to-bar pull-ups
rest :30

Cool down: 
30 alternating scorpion stretches
1:00 piriformis stretch / side