Friday January 7, 2022

“My favorite failure is every time I ever ate it on stage as a comedian. Because I woke up the next day and the world hadn’t ended.” – Patton Oswalt 

Warm Up: 
1 set
10 scap pull-ups
:20 partial wall-walk hold

1 set
10 kip swings
3 wall walks

1 set
5 kip swings
5 kips
3 wall walks

Specific Warm-Up:
4 sets:
5 push presses (increasing load)

For load:
Push press
7 sets x 3 reps

Same as Rx

Same as Rx

Movement scaling options: 
Push Press: load, DB options

Alternate Workout: 
5 sets for reps:
AMRAP DB strict presses
AMRAP DB push presses
Complete both AMRAPs back-to-back and unbroken.

Skill Work: 
5 sets:
:30 hand release push-ups
:30 ring support hold

3 sets:
:30 supine snow angel stretch
:30 prone snow angel stretch