Friday October 1, 2021

“Don’t let something knock you off course before you reach your destination. Trust the work, always trust the work.” – Soman Chainani

Dynamic Warm Up: 
12 Minutes

Set 1
10 Alternating Hamstring Scoop Stretch
50-ft. Walk on heels only
10 Alternating Samson Stretch
50-ft. Walk on toes only

Set 2
100m Jog
10 Leg Swings (across body) / Leg
100m Backwards Jog
10 Leg Swings (forwards & back) / Leg

Set 3
50m Side shuffle (change direction halfway)
10 Tuck Jumps
50m Side shuffle (change direction halfway)
10 Alternating Cossack Squats

Box Jump Work:
20 Seconds Box Jump Overs
100m Run

6 Rounds For Time:
400m Run
12 Box Jump Overs @30/24

Time: 16 Minutes
Loading: 1/5
Skill: 2/5
Volume: 3/5

6 Rounds For Time:
300m Run
10 Box Jump Overs @30/24

6 Rounds For Time:
200m Run
12 Box Step Overs @24/20

Limited Equipment: 
EMOM 15:
Minute 1: 40 Seconds Hang Power Snatch
Minute 2: 40 Seconds Push Ups
Minute 3: 40 Seconds Leg Raise

Movement scaling options: 
Run: Distance, Bike (double distance), Row
Box Jump Over: Height, Step-over

Cool down: 
50 Med Ball Sit-up Tosses With a Partner