Weekly Preview

Team! Our focus for November is… weightlifting! Here’s what you’ll see 
– 6% increase of heavy days compared to October’s gymnastics focus
– Increase of moderate and heavy barbells 
– 9 pre/post workout lifting opportunities
– Hero WODs that include: Jack, Chad 1000x and DT 
– Benchmark tests: Diane, Grace and Isabel. 

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Weight Loss:
If we look at the week from a birds eye view there are some spectacular ways for you to get your cardio and strength work in. 

Monday: is 10 – 16 Minutes. You’ll tax your legs, midline and shoulders 
Tuesday: interval work on the bike! There’s also a huge midline piece post WOD
Wednesday: 20 Minute AMRAP that includes a push, pull and jumping
Thursday: is 8-13 minutes and it will tax your midline. 
Friday: You’ll hit everything in this 15 minute workout. 
Saturday: You get to move some heavy weight
Sunday: A Big chipper. Those always look the scariest and are the most fun because you do some reps and then move onto the next movement. 

I would focus on: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday for this week’s weight loss! Reason being is lots of reps, and there’s a good variety in each of these workouts. 

Monday: Pre work is clean and jerks! Partner with a friend and have some fun
Tuesday: It’s almost one to one work to rest so partner with a friend and hold each other accountable to push the pace. 
Wednesday: Pre WOD of a heavy Push press. Partner with a friend and move some weight. 
Friday: Use the 2 minute rounds to gamify this workout with a buddy. Even if you’re doing different options use it as competition and motivation
Saturday: Use this heavy day to help each other move better, load weight and have some fun reflecting on 21.4 which was the heavy barbell test from the open two years ago. 
Sunday: Hold each other accountable to do the post workout accessory work. This is where the magic happens.   

My favorite days for community this week are Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday! Have fun and enjoy the opportunities for community. 

Last week was nice, this week you have some monster workouts and lots of lifting. 

Monday: Wallball should be unbroken, push the run. Let’s see how hard you can run and still go unbroken. The clean and jerk is a major focus at the beginning. Move well, focus on technique, the number is great, not the end all be all. 

Tuesday: This is single modality, this says uncomfortable written all over it. Embrace the pace and get faster each and every round. This is a mental piece.  For the post WOD skill, push the pace on the GHDSU, time yourself. We normally see 150 in competitor so 100 shoudn’t be a big deal. I want you to move through them in bigger sets, focus on your breathe. 

Wednesday: The biggest workout of this week. It looks like an old school Open WOD. You have a heavy push press pre WOD. in this 20 minute AMRAP focus on 1 of these pieces, whichever one is your slowest, i want you to go a little faster or a little longer on the sets. Realize that this is a great pacing opportunity. Use this to hone in and have some fun with this WOD

Thursday: 5 Rounds is a sneaky workout. This will help improve squatting strength and volume which we always see in the open. If you remember the 10-1 Burpees and DB squats that WOD had 55 reps. Those 50 lb dumbbells feel really similar to the 11 front squats you’ll see at your weight. Move perfectly and move with speed. Try to relax your grip so you’re still moving well come rounds 4 and 5 

Friday: Chest to bar is a huge separator in the Open. If you’re a ninja push the tempo and the sets. If you struggle make sure when you get to the bar you have something in the tank, also make sure you’re going fast enough where you give yourself some time. Don’t underestimate the lateral burpee in this workout, it’s the fastest of the burpee and will effect your chest tobar. The post WOD skill is a must for competitors. 

Saturday: Have fun, slang some weight. Use the atmosphere to reinvision yourself doing 21.4. The energy, the magic post wod, except now you’re doing it fresh. Pick a partner you want to work with and move exceptionally well. 

Sunday: Awesome chipper. It’s very midline heavy. Treat those knee’s to elbows with the respect they deserve and use them to improve all of your midline movements. AKA hit the standard. Bonus work is below! Have an awesome week!