Weekly Overview October 10- 16


A few things to keep in mind before you start reading and planning out your week:

1. Book Your Strategy Session (They’re Free)

2. Golf Outing at Apple Greens in Monday at 12 Noon
(please sign up ahead of time in mindbody)

3. Barbells For Boobs Is Sunday October 23

You will continue to see a wide variety of movements with an emphasis on gymnastics as we move through October. For masters athletes gymnastics is the key to improvement. It represents an ability to move your body through space, strength and most likely a great body composition if you’re strong at the first two. That being said, you will still have plenty of opportunities for heavy lifts and monostructural pieces throughout the week. We have some great movement combinations and unique time domains. There are gymnastic movements in each of the workouts this week except for Saturday. Saturday you will deviate from the gymnastics focus and hit a version of the 2022 CrossFit Games workout, The Capitol. An awesome workout that involves running and heavy lifting. Let’s get after it this week!


Monthly Focus Workouts: 6

Heavy Lifts: 5

Metcons Over 12 Minutes: 5

Weight Loss:

Let’s start off with an important conversation. If your goal is weight loss and you haven’t. 1. Booked a strategy session 2. Been on the inbody within the last 8 week, you need to. Things that get measured get improved. Stop what you’re doing, step up an inbody / strategy session right now. Don’t read any further until this is done.

Monday is one of my favorites for weight loss this week. You have four separate Tabatas of burpees, hollow rocks, KB swings, and more burpees. Working for 20 seconds at a time and resting for 10 seconds. This is a super effective interval style workout, working the whole body. You’ll get that heart rate up and work your core.

Tuesday involves running and single leg squats or a variation of that. It’s 15 minutes of cardio that also has strength / speed work built into it.

Wednesday You a full head to two workout with both movements. The Clean and Jerk is ground to overhead and the muscle up and or your variation will again be a full body movement. This will hit everything you need in a shorter time domain workout!

Thursday you have a lower body and core workout with lunges and GHD sit-ups. The fun part is you get to do it with a partner! This will hit arms, legs, midline and put a smile on your face.

Friday is your heavy day and there is a twist. You have max sets handstand push ups or push ups, strengthening the shoulders and being able to hold up your own body weight. After the pushing sets you move into finding a heavy shoulder press. Maxing out the arms with the gymnastics and then working on building strength under fatigue is great for weight loss.

Saturday You have a combination of running and weightlifting. We’re looking to get your heart rate up with the power cleans and then go into some long distance running. Following that you have some carries with a Kettlebell and a plate. That carry is hard, so mentally prepare for you to put your best effort into those carries. The trick is to find a consistent pace on the run so you can crush the carries. This was one of the coolest workouts at the games and I’m excited for you to try our own version at Warlock.

Sunday ends the week with weighted pull ups and biking. If you don’t have weighted pull ups that’s cool, let’s continue to make progress by using a band and scaling appropriately. Increasing your pulling capacity will demonstrate that you’re either losing weight, getting stronger or both! As the month goes on make note of how your gymnastics movements are progressing. It starts by being precise in your note taking, recording workouts, bands, height of bands, which rig your using. It all makes a difference and will help you see how you make progress. It will help highlight how weight loss is going and where to make changes.

I’ll say it again, if your goal is weight loss and you haven’t. 1. Booked a strategy session 2. Been on the inbody within the last 8 week, you need to. Things that get measured get improved.

My favorite days for weight loss this week are Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.
Monday : We have an awesome golf outing and I hope you can make it! Just sign up in mind body. It’s at Apple Greens at Noon! In terms of working out I’m going to keep this short and sweet!

Monday: 10 Get Ups! Do them with a Friend
Tuesday: Max Heigh box Jump! Hype Up Other Members
Wednesday: Compete with your Friends
Thursday: Partner WOD! Partner with someone you normally don’t get a chance to workout with
Friday: Skill Work: Synchro it with a friend! Push each other for the shoulder press
Saturday: Whoever is finishing last gets the loudest cheer
Sunday: As your fellow classmates how their weekend was doing the post workout stuff. Get it all done, don’t leave early till it’s done, till everyone is done.

My favorite days for community this week are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
 Monday: tabata’s look simple, they’re not. Empty the tank, stay focused mentally and work for the entire 20 seconds. Get started right when the clock beep. if you can do this you will become better both mentally and physically. Turkish get up work is needed by every single one of you. Don’t sandbag this and pick light weight. Pick something heavy, challenge yourself, your shoulder stability and your capacity. Great athletes find challenges in the simple days like this.

Tuesday: Pistols are a must for now the Open and the Qualifier. If you’re week at the single leg squats you need to spend time practicing them, getting stronger and learning this movement. If you’re inefficient slow it down so you can practice the quality of the movement. Understand why you struggle, is it because of your weak knees / hips? is it because of coordination? Is it because of mobility? You need to understand how you can get better at this movement.

Wednesday: This is a sexy workout! You have a few options depending on your capacity. If this is easy for your let’s cycle the barbell in bigger sets than you want. If you struggle with gymnastics slow down the clean and jerks so you can maximize your gymnastics. This is really similar to the 12-9-6 or 9-6-3 we see in the qualifier with heavy snatches, burpee box jump overs. Same sort of idea, same sort of stimulus. The 50 strict ring dips afterwards let’s attack into slightly bigger sets if you’re good at them. If you’re not lets train smaller sets on the front, bigger sets on the back side. We’re looking for 0-25 to take a little more time than 25-50

Thursday: Great partner WOD that is really an individual word because you don’t stop moving the entire 20 minutes. Usually people struggle with the longer 20 minute amraps. The rowing pace is based off of your 2K and the lunges and ghd are a great volume piece. This is a workout that you want to move smooth on both. The rowing speed here does matter, so don’t be fooled thinking that you get to recover on the row.

Friday: Probably the second coolest workout we’ll see all week behind Wednesday. Big HSPU so we’re going to test your gymnastic capacity, test your ability to recover and test your ability to press under fatigue. Let’s combine the total weight for all 5 sets in your notes. That total weight will force you to push heavier weight earlier on verses recover, recover, heavy. Hang on to one more HSPU than you want. Challenge yourself weight wise. Let’s also pay attention to the timing of how much time you take between sets, for our own notes come the open and qualifier. The post workout you should be smoked for, use it for quality and for practice. Grab a partner if needed so you can learn and find better positions

Saturday: Great workout that will allow you to compete. You should feel pretty fatigued after yesterday and that’s okay. Let’s do the best that we can and put our best foot forward on today’s workout. I’m okay with our females bumping up the weight to 145-155 if you feel like you’re going to crush 135. Guys I think 205 is a great challenge for a majority of you. If you’re looking for a percentage it should be 75-87% of your 1 RM. Those are oddly specific because we’ve run the numbers. Before the workout, you need to be aggressive and climb well above what you’re going to do in the workout.

Sunday is a great accessory day if you need to increase you strict capacity pulling. Also realize that you being on that bike is going to effect your pull ups, that fatigue has to go somewhere. The post workout sets the DB floor press and banded pull apart will help you with your clean and snatch 1 Rep max numbers. Don’t short change, skip out or cheat yourself on this grunt / skill work. It’s put in there to make you better. if you give a half assed effort you’ll find out why this is so important when you complete.

Focus on what you need to this and you’ll make progress you never had before.

WZA Athletes:
Monday and Tuesday – Training
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Light Mover and or Compete (depending on what they put out)
Friday – Compete

The rest of the week / weekend we’ll decide from what rolls out.
Gymnastics Focus: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Weightlifting Focus: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Open Prep: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

As always there’s plenty of bonus work below! 3,2,1 Let’s have a great week.