Weekly Overview November 7-13

Team! Here are the WOD’s for this week. As we hone in on the end of 2023 let’s give our best effort to continue to stay consistent.

Important Date:
December 3 – Warlock Holiday Party

Team! We are continuing with our weightlifting month with all the fun fitness! Whether you are Community, Weight Loss or Competitors there’s lots to tackle this month. 

Weight Lifting: 5
WODs over 12 Minutes: 4

Weight Loss: 
Monday: Bench press and bent over rows. Let’s compare these numbers to previous ones. Let’s also compare these numbers to our body weight. If you’re able to bench more weight and weigh less we know you’re getting stronger. 

Tuesday: Let’s move consistently through this. Think about the run as recovery and push the tempo on the other two movements in the gym. This will help maximize weight loss. It will also allow you to keep moving and get as many reps as possible. 

Wednesday: This workout is a short rep scheme and allows you to turn up the intensity! Have some fun with this and try to move as quickly as possible through these 21-15-9 while moving exceptionally well. Just like Monday that 5 Rep max Deadlift. Let’s look at that also in relation to previous numbers and ratio to our body weight. If the scale is going down and the strength is going up that’s a win! If the scale is the same and the strength is going up that’s also a win. Please take into consideration your other 23 hours outside of the gym when looking at PR’s. Sleep, Nutrition, what you trained before and the perceived level of effort. Give your best effort and be happy with that for the day, wherever that might fall. 

Thursday: This workout is a 20 minute grind and will be a great cardio session + fat burner. This is one you’ll want to make it in for. 

Friday: This is a partner WOD and a consistent grind. This is one where i say don’t be a hero. Honor Chad by doing what is best for you to maximize this workout. If you struggle with step ups don’t add weight to it. I’d rather you move better, and live to fight another day than be wrecked for a week. Keep that in mind when attacking this longer cardio piece

Saturday: Midline, Midline and More Midline. This workout is going to be cardio mixed with midline and I hope you’re ready for a fun one. Bring your A Game and get ready to feel that six pack. 

Sunday: After a longer workout on Friday and a midline heavy workout on Saturday this Sunday pulling and jumping workout will be welcomed. It’s a shorter stimulus workout so it will allow you to go a little faster. I would compare this to a one mile run. Realize that you’ll also get to clean and jerk before hand helping you build muscle and burn fat. Then we put the cardio after. 

For weight loss the days you should be in here are any 5 days this week! Pick the workouts that seem the most fun and get after it! 

Monday: I can’t think of a better way to kick off the week. Throw down with friends and put up some weight! Make sure you spot your friends around you so everyone feels comfortable giving their max effort. 

Tuesday: Do those dumbbell thrusters with a friend or small crew. 

Wednesday: A 5 rep max deadlift. Do that with a friend or two. Help each other load the weight, pump each other up and have some fun. 

Thursday: What a great workout to tag along and do it at the same pace as a friend. It’s a long grind so settle in and have some fun. 

Friday: Agony coupled with laughter is the best way to describe this workout. Enjoy suffer and doing this partner WOD with a friend. Smile and understand that we’re doing this in memory of Chad 

Saturday: You’ll most likely stagger start this in the 8 am. Partner up with a friend and have some fun! You also have post skill work which is my favorite time to chat about the workout, roll around a little and connect with friends. 

Sunday: This workout should provide some great races within a bigger single class. Use your classmates to push a little harder in this workout and move a little faster. 

Looking at this week there’s lots of opportunities for fitness with friends. The ones that jump out are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 

Monday: Take the bench seriously. We’re seeing this pop up more and more in competitions; it also transfers over to your snatch and clean. When those two movements go up oly lifting improves. Your bent over row should be equal to your 1 Rep Max Power Clean. So if that’s a weakness enjoy today’s workout 

Tuesday: This is very open ish. Let’s actually hold onto the dumbbells rather than let them rest on the shoulders and rip through those 15 as quickly as possible. This will definitely be a lungie workout that I want you to move faster on the back end than the front end. 

Wednesday: This is the workout this week and the focus. This is midway through the week where you should be slightly fatigued when completing this workout. Move exceptionally well on the 5 rep max deadlift. For Diane, manage the workout so it’s best for you. 

Option 1: Fast and Unbroken. If you’re a HSPU ninja, hold onto the barbell and don’t let go, Everything unbroken. Transitions make a difference. This can be a sub 2 minute workout. 

Option 2: If you’re not a HSPU Ninja break up the deadlifts so it doesn’t smoke you. It will allow you to move faster through the workout. Be strategic and methodical through all 3 rounds. I like a descending rep scheme. Realize that we again want you to get faster towards the end. 

Option 3:  Scale the HSPU so you get the most out of it. Again, break up the deadlifts so you have something in the tank. People tend to smash the deadlifts and don’t understand why there is interference between the two movements. 

Thursday: Great odd object strength / grind workout. This is one where you need to mentally be checked in for the row and the turkish get ups, then also feel comfortable giving your best effort on the 100 air squats at the end. If shoulder stability, rowing and squatting is an issue this is a fantastic workout.

Friday: This is a grind. Step up with precision and come into this with a game plan. We’re looking for you and a partner to finish this within the 45 minute time domain.  

Saturday: Talk about a spicy workout. We don’t see a ton of sumo deadlift high pull. This coupled with the GHD and bike will be super spicy. Move smoothly through the workout and then push the tempo on the bike. You’re looking to have about 1:30-45 seconds on the bike. Realize since it’s only 1 minute of rest it does require some pacing. It is also only 3 rounds, so you can’t misjudge the first round and expect to crush it. You need to push from the start and hold on. 

Sunday: We get gymnasty. Chest to bar and box jumps. This is a definite if you want to do well in the open. Realize that in a couple there’s no where to hide. The good part is there’s no interference with the pull ups / box jumps so you should be able to recover on those box jumps if you pace it correctly or pick the right movement. You also get some well needed barbell cycling before the WOD. That will definitely smoke and interfere with you grip. That’s okay, break up the Chest to Bar so you maximize your workout. 

If i’m looking at this week from a birds eye view Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are your jam. As always there is bonus work below. Crush this week.