Weekly Overview August 8-14

Team! Here is the weekly overview along with a few announcements: 
Kids Camp: August 8-12 and August 22-26. It is for ages 5 + 
Summer Social: August 27 at Camp Hillcroft. Details will be out this week for sign up
Monthly Focus Workouts: 5
Heavy Lifts: 4
Metcons Over 12 Minutes: 5
Team! This week sure is a fun one! This week we continue our focus on the benchmark workout Amanda, which we will see at the end of this month! This week you will see snatches along with other Olympic lifts. Focus on nailing the stimulus whether you are in the gym for weight loss, competition, or just looking to lift with friends. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, technique can always be improved. Improving your technique this week will help you strengthen your foundation and build capacity. Doing both of those will move you closer toward your goals. This week you will get to find a 1-rep-max squat snatch, work on some barbell cycling, and hit some shoulder and midline work throughout the week. 
Weight Loss: This week kicks off with a heavy lift on Monday. This gives you an opportunity to find a 1-rep-max squat snatch. The lift is intended to be heavy but technique and developing capacity is priority. Use a load that you can move well. This complex movement will hit all the major muscle groups, helping you build overall strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, accuracy and much more. It’s really common to see people lose weight and then increase weight on the snatch. It’s also great to understand your total body weight compared to what you snatch. So if that ratio improves, (aka weight goes down and snatch stays the same or goes up,) give yourself an applause, you’re moving in the right direction. Tuesday you will see pull ups, shoulder press and rowing. This is a great push-pull combination where you can build muscular endurance by trying to hold big sets during the two minute time frame. If you struggle with pull ups we’ll have options available for you. You’ll have an opportunity to get lots of reps. Wednesday is shorter WOD and should be performed at a higher intensity. Sprinting the distance in around one minute so that you have time to get a max set of hang squat cleans. Lifting while under fatigue will elevate your heart rate and is a great way to expand your threshold, building muscle and losing weight. Thursday is simple on paper and it’s definitely a burner. High effort output on the bike combined with midline work, you will definitely work up a sweat and help you keep those summer abs. In addition to the workout you have a max effort ring support hold, making your entire body work to hold this position (tight is light). Keep track of these max efforts so that you can see your progress and build upon your body weight movement capacity. Friday you will snatch and overhead squat at a moderate-light weight. Barbell cycling typically ends up feeling like a cardio workout especially since you will be combining it with box jumps. Saturday is one of my favorites this week for weight loss. Running combined with the midline work from the farmers carry, front rack carry and man-makers is going to be difficult. This longer workout will get your heart rate up and work your midline, making it a great fat burner. Make sure you get to the gym for this one, you’ll enjoy the sweat that will help you feel like you worked all day! Sunday is an awesome all body weight workout that will smoke the midline and shoulders, focus on staying tight though both movements. This is a great workout to end the week! My favorite days for weight loss this week are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Community:  Starting out the week with a heavy lift is the best! Monday gives us a chance to partner up for the workout and hit 1-rep-max squat snatch. We also have some strength work before the workout where you can partner up. Choose a buddy for the day! Tuesday you get to work for two minute intervals on push-ups, shoulder press and rowing. This is one of my favorite days this week for community. It’s a pretty cool thing when you get to work hard at the same time as your entire class on the same movement. It also builds comradery when you all “suffer” together. Wednesday you can partner up again for the strength part before the workout in the hang squat cleans EMOM. You can also push each other on the runs and during the max clean intervals, encouraging each other to get one more rep. Thursday you can grab a buddy of similar height and share bikes for this one. Encourage each other and the class to go for high effort output on the bike and the midline piece. Make sure you make it in on Saturday for the partner workout of the week, it’s one of my favorites. Great cardio and midline burner, grab a partner and hit it hard. Sunday you have 10 rounds of toe-to-bar and wall walks. You can push each other in class on this one. You can also find a friend and do it together. Move through it constantly, hold each other accountable and keep each other on pace. My favorite days for community this week are Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Our last week of Kids Camp is Aug. 22nd – 26th) from 12-3:30 pm. Our Summer Social is also coming up at the end of this month on August 27th at Camp HillCroft! We’re looking forward to seeing you there. 
Competitor: Monster week for our competitors in terms of training and testing. Monday you get to test your 1-rep-max squat snatch, a very technical lift. Great way to see where you are at with your snatch technique and load. Focus on 1 piece of the lift and work toward improving that for when we test Amada at the end of the month. I.e. Bottom end range, snatch pull, pull from the floor etc. Tuesday you are looking to be consistent on your pull ups and presses and pick up reps every round. Let’s not burn the building down on round 1. You should focus on building your capacity with pushing and pulling this month. Try to match the reps each round or improve. Wednesday is an awesome workout, lifting a moderate weight barbell under fatigue. Awesome day to test how long you can hold onto that barbell when your heart rate is spiked from the run. I’m curious to see who can put up the biggest score for a single round. When you compete smaller sets work well but you are training this week, hang onto the bar. Thursday is a super simple and high effort workout. After the workout there is a max cumulative ring support hold. Positioning is everything for this hold, practice great position. This will help you in building capacity in your ring muscle-ups. Don’t shrug this part of the workout off, this is the type of work no one likes to do and pays off big. Friday is another moderate-light barbell weight, look to cycle these reps. You can use the box jump overs as a way to pace this workout. If you’re feeling great at the end of the week, push the box jumps, just don’t let the box impact holding onto the bar, that’s the focus. Saturday is a great cardio and midline piece for work on midline stability and work at a slightly faster pace. Sunday is a super fun one, a great way to finish the week in terms of overhead stability and midline capacity which are tested every year in the Open. There’s also a skill piece of ring muscle up transitions. If you struggle with any of these movements between Wall Walk, T2B or Ring Muscle Ups, probably a great day to be in the gym. If you’re proficient push the pace on this and see where it breaks down if at all. Your focus this week is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.
Gymnastics Focus: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Weightlifting Focus: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Open Prep: Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
As always there’s plenty of bonus work below! 3,2,1 Let’s have a great week.