Weekly Overview

Team! It is the last week of August and you finally get to test the benchmark workout Amanda. Last time you did this workout at the gym was April 7th, 2022. Take a look at your score and any notes you made in SugarWOD. Use this to create a goal for the workout and compare it to your previous score. In addition to the benchmark workout, you have a decent amount of squatting and some fun metcons. Let’s finish the month out strong and look forward to our metabolic conditioning focus coming up in September.  

Monthly Focus Workouts: 2

Heavy Lifts: 3

Metcons Over 12 Minutes: 5

Weight Loss: Monday’s workout is at a high intensity and has a low impact on the body. You have a minute of rowing, a minute of sit-ups and a minute of DB box step overs. You choose the intensity of the workout during each minute of work. It’s a great full body workout that will get you nice and sweaty. Remember to give it your best effort for that day. In addition you have some muscle up drills before the workout, focus on moving well and through the entire range of motion on these movements. Monday is programmed to prepare you for Tuesday which is the workout Amanda. Amanda is a couplet of muscle ups and squat snatches that should be completed within ten minutes. These are complex movements that touch on several general physical skills including strength, power, coordination, accuracy, and speed. Have a goal in mind and stick to it throughout the workout. It could be to beat your previous time, to challenge yourself with a higher skilled gymnastics movement, hold a certain amount of sets each round, or choose a more challenging weight. Whatever the goal is for that day make sure to record your score and jot down notes in SugarWOD so you can keep track of your progress. Wednesday is a couplet of running and rope climbs. You will be working with a partner for twenty minutes. The workout will challenge your pulling capacity. Progress in your pulling capacity is a great sign of muscle gain and weight loss. Thursday is your heavy day! You have a complex of power cleans and front rack lunges building in weight. Lifting heavy is a great way to build up muscle and effectively burn fat. Friday you have a chipper style workout that will have you feeling the burn. You will need to focus on managing lower body fatigue on this one. Dig in, keep moving, and sweat it out on a Friday! Saturday you have a couplet of rowing and handstand push ups. An awesome push/pull combo that will allow you to keep moving through this workout with high intensity. This workout will fatigue those arms and sneakily work the midline too. Sunday closes out the week with some more weight lifting. You have front squats in the workout at a moderate weight paired with knees to elbows and some more heavy frost squats as a post workout EMOM. Strengthening your core is essential to improving all other movements, it has a lot of carry over to things outside of the gym as well. My favorite days for weight loss this week are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday

Community:  Monday you have rowing, sit ups, and box step overs. You will all be working at each movement for a minute before moving to the next one. You will all move through the workout together, you can use this to hold each other accountable and push each other through all four rounds. Tuesday you have the benchmark workout Amanda. Classic CrossFit workout that is in honor of a fallen games athlete. This workout brings our Warlock community together and brings the greater CrossFit community together as an awesome test of fitness. Wednesday is designed as a partner workout. You have an 800 meter run together with your partner and then you split up the rope climbs however you want. Fun workout where you get to be alongside your partner the entire time. Push and encourage each other on the run and strategically split up the rope climbs. Thursday is everyone’s favorite day, a heavy day! You have a complex of power cleans and lunges. Partner up for this and share a barbell. Cheer others on in class and move some heavy weight! Friday is a great one to end the work week. You have a chipper style workout that you need to dig in and get done. Help motivate each other to hold on and keep moving through the workout. You also have SOTS presses before the workout. You can partner up for this part and share barbells. Sunday you round out the week with a couplet of knees-to-elbows and front squats, great midline workout. After that you have an EMOM of front squats building to a heavy single where you can partner up. Make sure to get in for this one and finish out the week with some heavy lifting with friends. My favorite days for community this week are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Competitor: Monday’s workout you are accumulating reps throughout each minute of work. You should aim for 10-15 calories on the row, 15+ reps on the sit-ups, and 10+ reps on the DB box step overs. Look to push the pace in the beginning and see how you hold up on the reps in each round. Before the workout you have some muscle up drills to help prepare you for Amanada the next day. Tuesday you get to test the benchmark workout Amanda. You have a couplet of muscle-ups and squat snatches, two very complex movements. You have been training for this workout throughout the month of August. You will be building to a heavy squat snatch before the workout to help prepare your body for Amanda, making the workout weight feel lighter. Given the movement complexity you may still be working on your muscle ups and squat snatch capacity. Choose a snatch weight that you can perform 3-5 reps in a row with and have a game plan for breaking up your gymnastics. Hit this workout hard and let’s aim for a PR! Wednesday is a longer partner workout with running and rope climbs. Choose a partner that will push you throughout this workout. Break up the rope climbs strategically so that it supports you and your partner’s relative capacity. Some of you may even want to scale up, try do legless rope climbs or do the entire workout in a vest! Thursday is a heavy day. You have a complex of power cleans and front rack lunges. The lunges will be the limiting factor on this workout. You have plenty of rest in between sets so focus on finding a heavy complex for the day. Friday is a grind. You have a chipper style AMRAP. This is very open ish. You will need to dig in and keep moving through this workout if you want to get into a second round. Realize that muscle fatigue will set in pretty quickly on this one so move through each movement as efficiently as possible to avoid wasted energy. Keep the sets small and the breaks small in order to chip away at these large numbers. Saturday is a great conditioning and gymnastics workout. You have rowing and handstand push ups. The push/pull combo shouldnt interfere with each other too much so you can hit both movements with intensity. Prior to the workout you have some handstand walks, a great opportunity to practice some higher level gymnastics skills. If handstand walking is easy, feel free to get creative with cones or use the ramp/stairs. Sunday ends the week with a fantastic workout that will challenge your midline. Coming off the knees to elbows will affect your front squats and have you fighting a little harder to keep those elbows up. Manage the squats by slowing it down just slightly in order to keep proper form through each rep. You also have a post workout lift of front squats. Finding a heavy single while under fatigue from the workout, give it all you. Your focus this week is Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Gymnastics Focus: 5

Weightlifting Focus: 4

Open Prep: 4

As always there’s plenty of bonus work below! 3,2,1 Let’s have a great week.