Thursday November 28, 2019

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy spending the day with family and friends. I’m super grateful to have every single one of you as a member of Warlock CrossFit. You guys train your asses off and I can’t thank you enough for giving your absolutely best effort everyday! We will be hosting one class tomorrow at 7:45 am. Hope you can join us!

WOD: Friendsgiving 2019 – Teams of 4 – AMRAP 30
2 Barbells Per Team. 2 People working at a time. All movements Synchronized

100 Deadlifts @ 135/95
80 Hang Power Cleans
60 Front Squats
40 Shoulder to Overhead
20 Thrusters
Every Minute on the Minute all 4 athlete must complete 5 burpees

Scaled: 95/65


Holiday Eating