Sunday November 1, 2020

For those of you that aren’t in our Move The Needle / Healthie app. Here is an idea of what the write up looks like daily for you guys in terms of strategy, stimulus, modifications and much more. I hope you continue to use the app so understand the stimulus of our workouts so you can maximize your results! Happy Reading and see you outside at 10 am!

“Your movement inside the gym should not make your movement outside the gym worse.” 

3 Rounds: 20 Air Squats | 200M Jog | 20 Shoulder Taps | 20 Tuck Ups 
3 Rounds: 20s Hollow Hold | 10s rest  | 20s Arch hold | 10s Rest 

Pigeon pose (1 Minute per side)
Lizard Post (1 minute per side)

EMOM x 30
Min 1: 45s of burpees
Min 2: 200M Run

Score is total number of burpees. If you don’t make the run in the minute take away the number of burpees from the previous round. 

We’re looking to create a consistent cardio pace at around 60% of our total capacity. We’re looking for consistency and to spend time in a longer time domain after two very short workouts yesterday. Essentially a flush. If you don’t workout yesterday use this to push the tempo yet still stay within your realm. This is a massive pacing piece. 

Let’s break this workout down into thirds. The first ten minutes, the second ten minutes and the final ten minutes. In the first ten minutes the  initial 3-7 minutes are the easiest. You go through a few different transitions and it feels like you can hold that pace forever. Minutes 7-15 is where if you paced to fast you’ll fall off the cliff. Pick a pace for the first ten minutes that allows you to increase in speed for minutes 10-20. Allow the final 20-30 minutes to be faster or hold the same pace. The 10-20 minutes you will go through another tough transition from 15-22 minutes questioning if the pace is too fast. If you picked the correct pace you should be able to sustain it and or pick up the pace. The last 22-30 Minutes you’re fighting to hold that same pace. You’re staying present with each and every minute. You’re not worried about the next minute. The only thing you see is the current task at hand. Focus on just getting started within the minute. You will be doing today’s workout with no music. Focus on the sound of your own breath, your pacing and your cadence during this workout. It is a long 30 minutes that you need to be mindful and present for as you are outside. Enjoy and take advantage of this beautifully elegant and simple 30 minute mover.