Monday June 12, 2017

“Happiness doesn’t live on the other side of achievement.”

This video will help every Warlock Athlete. Last year I went to Comp Train Camp with Ben and Katrin and I’m going back again in October. One of the coolest things was all weekend Ben never once asked for a score, a time, first or last, it didn’t matter. What did matter was the level of effort we put forth and what we learned about ourselves during this training process. It’s hard to focus on training instead of competing on a daily basis, but man does it pay off. Focusing on what you need to do everyday to get better will help move the needle, i know it has for me over the past year. Instead of Sunday night TV, plug in your headphones, tune out the world and take half an hour and enjoy the podcast from one of the best coaches in the game.

A. EMOM x 12
odd: 3 Front Squat
even: 30 Double Unders (practice)

9 Wall Ball @ 20/14
6 Burpees
3 Deadlifts @ 225/155

1. 5 Strict C2B EMOMx20 (change reps per minute based off of the appropriate total number of reps for you as an athlete. i.e 40 is a lot so i do 2 EMOM x 20 minutes. Keep the length, change the intensity.
2. 4 Rounds – 20 second L Sit, 20 sit ups

Warlock Weightlifting:
Crossover Activation
Technique Primer: Muscle Snatch + Tall Snatch – 3 x (3+3) (light)
1. Snatch – 70%x1x5 OTM, 73%x1x5 OTM, 76%x1x5 OTM – If after these 15 sets on the minute you feel good, continue to a heavy single with a max of 5 more singles with a max of 2 min rest
2. Snatch Pull – 4×2@120%, 90%x2
3. Front Squat – HS; 90%x1, 95%x1
4. 12 EMOM – odd: 10 Cal Bike, Even: 12 Cal Row