Monday, April 30, 2018

Congrats to Cristy and CJ for finishing their 2018 CrossFit Open Season! CJ finished in 54th in the world for men ages 45-49. Cristy finished in 74th in the world for women 40-44. I’m extremely proud of all the hard work, time, and trust they’ve put in over the past year. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and sacrifice to achieve the level they have in the sport of CrossFit. When you see them please make sure you congratulate them on their very impressive and hard fought finish this year!

“Who you are on the competition floor is a reflection of who you are in practice; no more, no less”

A. Back Squat 3×6@70%

12 DL @ 225/155
18 T2B
36 Air Squats

Performance @ 225/155 | T2B
Fitness @ 185/125 | T2B attempts
Fitness Light @ 135/95 | Knee’s To Chest

A. Jerk from Behind the neck (3 second hold in split) 4×2@70%
B. 75 Push Ups with a weighted vest for time