#503 Monday 4.4.2016

Everyone just found their 1 rep max back and front squat. This week we will be starting our squat cycle. We did a squat cycle last year and our athletes had tremendous success, I’m sure we’ll see the same thing this year! This squat cycle will be based off of your 1RM front squat and back squat. It is important that you make sure your numbers are based off of weights you just hit. If you do not use a number true to your 1RM you will more than likely fail sets at some point (i’m speaking from experience). This program, like any other, is depend on your completing EVERY SINGLE REP. If every session you fail 1 or 2 sets / reps and don’t put the work in where you should you will not be successful after 12 weeks. Those of you that don’t do all the work or do 3 reps instead of 5 because you miss the last two should put the bar back on the rack and finish your work. If you don’t do the work / for some reason pick a number over your 1RM I don’t want to hear any complaining how you haven’t progressed. If during the 12 weeks we need to scale some numbers back that is okay, this is a difficult squat cycle. Be patient, making sure you recovery properly, listen to your body and put the work in during these 12 weeks to increase your numbers.

Download this iPhone app in order to easily track your percentages during these next 12 weeks.

Happy Squatting 🙂


A. Back squat
1×10 @ 60%
1×8 @ 70%
1×6 @ 75%
1×4 @ 80%

Front Squat
1×5 @ 60%
3×5 @ 70%

B. 7 Minute AMRAP
Ascending Ladder 2-4-6-8-10-12-14 etc
Pwr Snatches @ 75/55